Sunday August 7, 2022

Novak Djokovic says being authentic is part of Nick Kyrgios’ personality and admits he is extremely grateful to the Australian for the support he showed when everyone was against him. Upon landing to Australia, Djokovic’s visa was cancelled and he was placed in detention.

Kyrgios was one of the few that publicly called out the Australian authorities as he felt the Serb was treated unfairly. Also, Kyrgios privately reached out to Djokovic to get the better understanding of the situation and see if he could somehow help.

After Kyrgios beat Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Wimbledon third round, the Greek called the Australian a “bully” and said his behavior on the court was totally unacceptable.

Djokovic: Kyrgios brings attention to tennis, I’m grateful for his support

“With Kyrgios, you often see such situations on the court.

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It’s always fun, but on the other hand, maybe not so much for his opponent. The fact is that it is him and whether someone likes him or not, he brings a lot of attention to tennis. I see that it is good that he attracts a group of young people who follow him, love and like him because he is different and plays like that – and I don’t think that is bad for our sport.

Maybe in some situations his comments on and off the court are debatable, but that’s authentic Kyrgios – and I respect that. Although he was saying bad things about me for years, he stood by me again in Australia – and when it was most difficult for me, he was one of the few who spoke in public in my favor and supported me – and I am grateful to him for that,” Djokovic told Sport Klub.

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Before the start of the clay season, Djokovic’s brother Djordje said he would like to bring Kyrgios to Belgrade and be his host. The whole Djokovic family expressed gratitude when asked about Kyrgios’ support from January.


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