Sunday August 7, 2022

An elderly grandfather who went to the July 4 parade in Highland Park with several family members has now become the eighth victim of the mass shooting.

Eduardo Uvaldo died on Wednesday – two days on from the attack – after succumbing to his injuries in hospital.

The victim was shot in the arm and the back of the head when alleged mass shooter Robert Crimo opened fire on the crowd of families, friends and local residents who his sniper position on the roof of a nearby business.

His granddaughter Nivia Guzman wrote on a heartbreaking GoFundMe page on Tuesday that doctors had told the family there was no longer anything they could do for Mr Uvaldo, who she affectionately referred to as “papi”.

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Hours later, she said that they had been left with no choice but to turn off his ventilator.

Mr Uvaldo’s family went to the July 4 parade together every year and this year had been no different until tragedy struck.

Ms Guzman said that her brother and grandmother were also shot in the attack but survived.

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Eduardo Uvaldo died on Wednesday from his injuries in the Highland Park shooting

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Eduardo Uvaldo died on Wednesday from his injuries in the Highland Park shooting


“As many of you may know by now, there was a mass shooting in Highland Park, IL during the Fourth of July Parade. A parade my family attends every year filled with happiness and laughter. This year was different, this year was filled with fear, sadness, and tragedy,” read the original GoFundMe.

“Both my grandparents, Maria and Eduardo Uvaldo, and younger brother were victims of the Highland Park Parade. My brother got shot in the arm, but is okay. My grandma got hit with fragments in the head. Unfortunately my grandpa got shot in the arm, then in the back of the head. He is in critical condition. My grandpa is a kind, loving, and funny man who did not deserve this.

“We pray for a positive outcome, but the doctors say the chances are low. With the unexpected incident, any donation will help. Thank you.”

In an update she said that the family had “just received news that there is nothing left to do for our papi” as she said that donations would go towards helping her grandmother “when the time comes”.

Hours later, she confirmed that her “papi” was “still here with us”.

“The doctors said there is nothing left to do based on where the bullet hit the brain. We took him off the ventilator,” she wrote.

“However, he continues to have stable vitals with no help. We pray for a miracle and ask that you pray for us as well.”

On Wednesday morning – as the man accused of carrying out the mass shooting appeared in court for the first tine – Mr Uvaldo passed away from his injuries.

He is now the eighth person to die in the massacre.


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