Sunday August 7, 2022

Tesla is now in the process of rolling out a new update which makes the Green Traffic Light Chime available to all users. Tesla’s electric vehicles come with a number of benefits over traditional gas-powered vehicles and software updates are a prime example. Whenever Tesla wants to roll out a new feature to its fleet, it just needs to send out an update, similar to how Google, Samsung and Apple send out updates to their smartphones.

The use of software updates is a particularly important part of the evolutionary process of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software. As FSD is still in a beta state, new versions roll out on a regular basis adding new features, fixes, and improvements in the process. However, software updates can improve the driving experience regardless of whether an individual has paid for Tesla’s FSD.

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The latest Tesla software update is version 2022.20 and adds a seat restraint system enhancement as well as the ability for suspension data to be collected and used to improve the experience of drivers in other Teslas. As part of the same update, and confirmed by Tesla_Adri on Twitter, the update also makes the Green Light Traffic Chime available to a much wider number of Tesla drivers.

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Previously, the Green Traffic Light Chime was only available to Tesla owners that had paid for FSD. However, the latest update also makes it available to owners relying on Autopilot or the newer Enhanced Autopilot as well. For those new to the feature, Green Traffic Light Chime is exactly what it sounds like. Once a driver is waiting at a traffic light and the light turns green, the Tesla will sound off a chime to notify the driver that the lights have changed and that they are now good to go.

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Although it might sound like a relatively small change, it can be an important one, and not just for the driver of the Tesla. It is easy to become distracted when at a traffic light and many drivers will be able to attest to how little patience drivers waiting behind have before sounding their horn to alert the driver in front that the lights have changed. With the new Green Traffic Light Chime notification, that will hopefully become less of an issue as the driver will immediately be alerted by an audible notification when the lights change. It is worth keeping in mind that Tesla’s release notes do make clear that the chime is there to help and shouldn’t be acted on immediately. In other words, Tesla drivers will still want to visually confirm that the light has actually changed before pulling away from the lights.

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Source: Tesla_Adri/Twitter


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