Friday August 12, 2022

Daria Kasatkina said she is feeling “more free and happy” following her decision to come out as gay. During a conversation with a Russian vlogger, which was uploaded on YouTube last month, Kasatkina came out as gay and revealed she has a girlfriend.

Shortly following the Kasatkina announcement, WTA players flooded the Russian with messages of support. “I don’t know how the social media filter works, but I’ve just heard very good things,” Kasatkina told WTA Insider.

“Not just from the west but also people from my country. I’m really happy about it. As I saw, it was not just a good thing for me, also it helped other people. That’s great and I feel great. I feel happy about it and about myself and that’s most important.”

Kasatkina: I feel more free and happy

This week, Kasatkina is playing her first tournament since coming out as gay. In San Jose, Kasatkina is accimpanied by her figure skater girlfriend Natalia Zabiiako. “Yeah, I feel more free and happy,” Kasatkina said.

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“I think I made the right step. With the situation in the world, all this stuff that is tough, when if not now? Let’s put everything into the same pool.” Kasatkina, 25, is the 12th-ranked player in the world, and even though she hasn’t won any titles this season, she reached back-to-back semifinals in Rome and the French Open.

After reaching her first Grand Slam semifinal, Kasatkina’s next goal is to reach even greater heights. “This is the point when I have to realize that I am an adult and mature enough,” Kasatkina said. “I’m not 18 anymore.

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I cannot rely that I am young and I will have time. No, I’m 25, I have to act now. I have to show everything I’ve got in these years. I think this is already the time to give more than take.”


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