Friday August 5, 2022

We have just received the latest batch of DLC tracks for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass, with Wave 2 which launched yesterday. Since then, dataminers have been hard at work digging into the new update files to find out what’s next for fans of the Mario Kart franchise. They have since discovered various music tracks for the next batch of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass Wave 3 courses, which don’t have a release date as of yet and haven’t been officially announced by Nintendo.

Small parts of the music of the following courses have been found in the game files:

  • London Loop
  • DS Peach Gardens
  • GBA Boo Lake / GBA Broken Pier
  • Rock Rock Mountain
  • Berlin Byways
  • GCN Waluigi Stadium
  • Merry Mountain
  • 3DS Rainbow Road
  • Amsterdam Drift
  • Singapore Speedway
  • GBA Sunset Wilds
  • Bangkok Rush
  • Vancouver Velocity
  • Wii Maple Treeway

Combine this information (the order of the songs) with the previous prefix leak, that means that the next wave will very likely be:

  1. London Loop
  2. DS Peach Gardens
  3. GBA Boo Lake / Broken Pier
  4. 3DS Rock Rock Mountain
  1. Berlin Byways
  2. GCN Waluigi Stadium
  3. Merry Mountain
  4. 3DS Rainbow Road



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