Sunday August 14, 2022

After the LIV Golf players brought charges against the PGA Tour due to the impossibility of playing in the tournament of the same name, many reactions followed. Of course, the reaction of Jay Monahan, commissioner of the PGA Tour, was expected first.

Monahan responded promptly and told the LIV Golfers ‘to stay away in their fantasy land’ Davis Love III also reacted to the whole noise that is happening right now. He is furious that there is a chance that LIV Golfers will return to the PGA.

However, players from the PGA Tour will also boycott the competition and will not allow them to play with LIV Golfers. This situation can only make things worse in the world of golf, but justice will definitely prevail. “I was saying that if the LIV guys sue and are allowed to play on the PGA Tour, that the players are enough fed up with it, we understand that we make the rules on the PGA Tour and the commissioner’s enforcing our rules and we don’t want those guys playing, come and cherrypicking our tournaments, that we hold all the cards, not Jay or not Seth Waugh or Mike Whan,” Love III said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

“They don’t hold all the cards, we hold all the cards.”

Davis Love III: We just won’t play

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Davis Love III and others showed their loyalty to the competition that made many top players and helped them in their careers.

Obviously, it would not be fair if LIV Golfers had the same opportunities. Loyalty has always been something that is valued. However, this kind of case is difficult to forecast and we will see what the options will be in the end.

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“If we say to the FTC and to Washington, no, we support the rules, we don’t want those guys playing, we don’t care what the courts say, our only option really, the nuclear option is to say, well, fine, if they have to play in our events, we just won’t play.”


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