Friday August 5, 2022

The Green Lanterns might help keep order in the DC Universe, but are they overreaching their power just a bit? One Superman adversary thinks so and called out a prevailing issue of the Corps directly to one of its most notable member’s face.

With as vast and populous a space as the DCU is, the oldest beings around, the Guardians of the Universe, took it upon themselves to make sure it was safe. After a few trials and errors, the Guardians found success by harnessing the Green Light of Will and creating a Corps of the most worthy beings alive. The Green Lantern Corps only recruits those with the strongest will so that they can operate the Corps’ most powerful weapon: the Power Ring. With their rings, the Green Lanterns keep over 3000 sectors of equally divided space safe from all manner of threats.

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However, despite the good intentions of their organization, have the Guardians massively overstepped their boundaries? One villain thinks so and was willing to say as much in Superman: World of New Krypton #4 by James Robinson, Greg Rucka, and Pete Woods. With a planet full of Kryptonians now claiming their own home in the solar system, the Guardians of the Universe send an investigative team to make sure the planet is on the level. John Stewart, Hal Jordan, and Sodam Yat meet up with Superman and General Zod to see how things have been operating. The timing couldn’t be worse, as a group of criminals is currently running amok on New Krypton. Worse still, one criminal has a Green Lantern’s murder on his record, forcing Hal to attempt to take him into custody. Zod denies Hal’s claim, saying an attempt to take the criminal would be a violation of New Krypton’s sovereignty.

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It might not be comfortable to admit, but Superman’s villain General Zod kind of touches on a good point. Why exactly is the Green Lantern Corps allowed to operate in the manner that they are? They aren’t voted in, they aren’t held accountable to anyone other than the Guardians, and as Zod points out, they don’t even make extradition treaties with the planets they’re assigned to. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and it appears Zod has verbalized the most unsettling flaw with the Corps.

The easiest answer would be that the Guardians gave themselves the authority to police the universe as it’s oldest race. But even the Green Lanterns admit their leaders aren’t always right. While the Corps has no doubt helped save the DC Universe from some pretty horrific threats, there’s something a bit disturbing about an unchecked interstellar force policing the entire universe. As crazy as it sounds, Zod is right to call them out. The only way something like the Corps should be able to operate is with input from the civilizations they police. The Green Lanterns could create some positive change by working with the various planets of the DCU to create a system everyone agrees with.

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