Friday August 5, 2022
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Marvel / Disney Plus

As far as we’re concerned, Moon Knight is one of the highlights of Disney Plus’ MCU line-up. Oscar Isaac was incredible as Steven Knight/Marc Spector, the show captured the psychological focus and offbeat tone of the comics, and showed us some fascinating new insights into the MCU’s mythology.

The first season ended with the much-anticipated reveal of third personality Jake Lockley and a tease that Khonshu isn’t done with Steven/Marc yet, though we still haven’t gotten a confirmation of a second season. That may come at the D23 conference and fan anticipation has been stoked by a TikTok video featuring Moon Knight showrunner Mohamed Diab and Oscar Isaac in which the star teased a comeback by saying Why else would we be in Cairo?”

But in the meantime, fans on r/MarvelStudios are debating why the first season was so divisive. A quick search about the show on Twitter indicates that fans are split down the middle, with the most contentious factor apparently being the show’s lack of focus on Judaism.

The smartest response is that the nature of the internet makes things divisive, as people are far more likely to comment with extreme reactions than a simple “it was okay I guess”.

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But perhaps the main problem hardcore MCU fans have with the show is its lack of connection to the wider story. Series like WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier were woven into the ongoing MCU saga, but aside from a couple of Easter eggs, Moon Knight may as well have been its own universe.

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Now that the character is established, we may get that crossover. Marvel Studios is currently building up the occult side of the MCU and rumors are building of a ‘Midnight Sons’ adaptation featuring characters like Blade and Werewolf by Night.

Some light looks to be shed on this at D23, which takes place from Sep. 9 to 11, so watch this space.


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