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Tracer is Overwatch’s poster girl and the most recognizable character from the game series. Adding to that, she’s a great hero as she showcases her quirky personality as we hopefully win our online matches. Tracers blitzing speed, quick-firing guns, and pulse bombs can destroy the enemy team.

Tracer has one of the most challenging skill sets to learn as it requires constant movements, or else you’ll be easily eliminated due to the low health pool. Tracer’s most significant ability, ‘Blink,’ is indeed unique and fun, but it isn’t easy to master. So, here are the ten tips and tricks to make it easier for you to understand Tracer’s playstyle better.


10/10 Know your counters

Winston posing for OverwatchWinston posing for Overwatch

Tracer doesn’t have many counters due to her speed, but there are a few exceptions.

  • Winston– He’s big, mobile, and his electricity beams can’t miss at close range, making Winston a terrible matchup for Tracer.
  • Reinhardt– Sometimes, Tracer can annoy Reinhardt by doing constant damage from afar, but in a 1v1 situation, she has no chance against Reinhardt’s massive hammer.
  • Mei– She can slow down Tracer’s immense speed even without good aim.
  • Pharah– She is simply out of Tracer’s reach, leaving Tracer at a massive disadvantage.
  • Echo– Similar to Pharah, Echo often stays out of Tracer’s reach.

9/10 Who Does Tracer Counter

Mercy from OverwatchMercy from Overwatch

What opponents are the best to put Tracer against?

  • Bastion– Bastion will often stay still and won’t have the precise aim to take a Tracer down.
  • Mercy– Mercy is hard to reach, but Tracer can get behind enemy lines and take her down.
  • Hanzo– He’ll stay back to take on long-range fights, while Tracer can get up close to eliminate him.
  • Widowmaker– Like Hanzo, Widow needs an unbelievable aim to stand any chance against Tracer.
  • Zenyatta– Zenyatta will struggle at hitting Tracer as she blinks around him, leaving him defenseless.
  • AnaBe wary of her grenade, but other than that, she most likely won’t hit unless she gets a lucky sleep dark.

8/10 Be A Nuisance

Tracer fighting on Lijiang TowerTracer fighting on Lijiang Tower
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Always keep going back and forth between the enemy and safety. It will cause the opposition to constantly look behind to take down Tracer, most likely separating them. Tracers can be highly annoying and can easily wear down the enemy team. The nuisance is essential because it’ll cause their team coordination to fall apart due to Tracer’s constant attacks.

7/10 Play The Objective

Tracer surviving on pointTracer surviving on point

You’re the fastest character in the game, so use that to your advantage. Skip the enemy team straight to the capture point, and it will instantly throw them off. It will force the enemy to retreat to the point to deal with you. It gives your team the chance to get past the chokehold.

Even towards the end of the game, this can be effective and sometimes lead to Tracer capturing the point alone when the enemy team is too distracted. Playing objective is incredibly important, and Tracer can be a huge factor in capturing the point.

6/10 Survive On The Point

Tracer facing Hanzo's ultimateTracer facing Hanzo's ultimate

Tracer is probably the most formidable enemy to kill if she is being used efficiently. Using her to control a losing point is essential, even if it means death. Becoming erratic with blinks and using recall on the point will leave the enemy in a frenzy.

It should only be done if you’re waiting for your team to get to the point and you’re the last one left. Honestly, this strategy will most likely lead to death, but it gives your team a fighting chance to save the point.

5/10 Use Recall Wisely

Tracer using her recall abilityTracer using her recall ability

If you’ve gone in a circle for the last three seconds, your recall isn’t going to be that effective. A recall should always be planned. Make sure it is used to bring you back to safety or at least away from the enemy. Of course, it should be used as a last resort for survival if you are near death. However, if that can be avoided, recall should be used with a strategy in mind.

4/10 Get Up Close and Personal

Tracer shooting on Temple of AnubisTracer shooting on Temple of Anubis

Tracer’s pulse pistols do minor damage from a long range. It’s clear that getting close is the only way to be effective with her pistols. Yet, Tracer thrives on this. She can blink, making the enemy disorientated. In fact, blinking behind the enemy is quite simple, and Tracer can blink behind them again once they turn. Constantly staying close while never even having to face them head-on is Tracer’s best form of attack.

3/10 Synergise Your Ultimate’s

Zarya uses graviton surge to gather all enemies.Zarya uses graviton surge to gather all enemies.

Tracer’s ultimate charges fast, but it is probably one of the game’s weakest ultimate. It’s hard to get more than a double kill even when using it efficiently. So, timing it with Others is a better idea.

Combining it with Zarya’s ultimate is devastating and can wipe out everyone, except for the odd tank like Roadhog. Zarya’s ultimate would be the best to mix it with, but if there is no Zarya, Reinhardt’s earth shatter or Mei’s blizzard is also a great combination.

2/10 Target Healers

Ana aiming down her sightsAna aiming down her sights

Tracer can effortlessly get behind the enemy team. Her pulse pistols will tear down the enemy at close range. She can easily escape death by using recall or just blinking back to safety. Either way, taking out the healers first is a good option as it leaves the enemy team struggling. Meanwhile, it allows Tracer to do significant damage to the tanks and attackers.

1/10 Melee

Tracer melees another Tracer Tracer melees another Tracer

This is such a simple yet vital one, particularly for Tracer. A lot of the time, Tracer will get an enemy extremely low on health, but reloading her pulse pistols at such a crucial moment gives the enemy time to retaliate. On the other hand, Tracer needs to stay aggressive, or she may die. Tracer can blink near the enemy when they are weak and finish them off with a melee attack.


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