Saturday August 6, 2022

After roughly two decades, one incredible Halo player named JerValiN has finally managed the impossible – a successful run of Halo 2’s LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) Deathless challenge.

Halo is known for spawning a number of hardcore speedruns and challenges, but few have been as frustratingly difficult as this one. Hailed as the “impossible” run, not a single player has managed to complete this challenge since the game’s launch in 2004. And for good reason – the combination of the game’s highest difficulty setting, every bonus challenge modifier, and the deathless aspect has proven deadly to players across the internet.


However, streamer JerValiN, armed with determination and a love for the Halo series, faced this challenge head-on. After weeks of maddeningly close runs, he finally defeated the game in an impressive 6.5hr run.

The Story Of JerValiN And Halo 2’s LASO Challenge

This all begins with one well-known YouTuber who ignited a new fervor for this challenge. Charlie “Cr1tikal” White Jr. issued a call earlier this summer, challenging players to defeat the Halo 2 LASO Deathless run. Competitors had to stream the entire run, and if successful, would earn a cool $5,000 reward. When no one managed to complete the challenge by July, White increased the reward to $20,000.

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A number of players took on the mantle, streaming hours and hours of attempt after attempt. One streamer, JerValiN, started to rise among the group, proving himself to be one of the challenge’s frontrunners. His skill, built up from achieving a number of Halo world records, brought him the closest any has ever gotten – all the way to victory.

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Moist Cr1tikal ChallengeMoist Cr1tikal Challenge
Follow JerValiN’s full stream of the run here

The LASO run throws everything at the player – particularly enemies with higher health and damage rates. Add greater resource management and invisible enemies, and players have got a real tough battleground ahead of them. Not to mention the Deathless component of the challenge, meaning the game has to be completed in a single life. Talk about impossible!

With cheers from chat and family, JerValiN broke into a massive smile when the cut scene hit. Completing what White himself has said to be “the hardest challenge in all of gaming,” JerValiN has cemented himself in Halo’s history. Additionally, the entire run itself was only 6 hours, 29 min., and 44 seconds long.

As the game’s final credits played, he proudly says, “That’s it chat! We did it. Feels good man! Feels good. I had a lot of pressure on me, chat, had a lot of pressure. I felt like I had to be the first one to do it. Felt like it had to be me. I felt like it wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t me. It’s a load off! We did it.


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