Friday August 5, 2022
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Tom Sturridge in character (face only) in Sandman on Netflix

Image via Netflix

The Sandman is out on Netflix now, treating fans to the adaptations of their dreams. Coincidentally, the actor behind the titular character Dream is also reflecting on one of the most ambitious undertakings in the history of the streaming juggernaut’s originals, though one memory stands out among all the rest.

As you may already know — and without delving too much into spoiler territory — the story of The Sandman begins with Morpheus breaking free of his centennial imprisonment at the hands of an occult sorcerer. And when he makes the trip back to our reality, the character is, for lack of a better word, buck naked.

Shooting that sequence has apparently been every bit as fun as you can imagine for Tom Sturridge himself, who’s portraying Morpheus in all of his dream-like glory in the Netflix adaptation. In a new chat with Digital Spy, the actor broke down the sequence in question by highlighting the well-reasoned embarrassing aspect of being naked inside a spherical glass.

“For me as an actor, it is what it is. It was embarrassing. It was my first month on set. No one knew me. You’re like, ‘Hey, this is me!’ I was in that sphere, and they couldn’t open it, because it took too long. And because it’s a glass sphere, you can’t have a blanket in between takes, because it’s glass, and the blanket would still be there when you shot. So I’m literally just sitting there for hours, and kind of – when they say cut – going, ‘Hi…’ So that was that.”

Sturridge also explained why it was important for audiences to see Morpheus like that.

“As far as the character goes, it was really important. One of the things about Morpheus is: that situation, that century of imprisonment is the most vulnerable he’s been in, in his existence.”

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You can stream all 10 episodes of The Sandman on Netflix now.

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