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Valorant has a lot of different layers to it that need to be unsheathed using different methods. One way in which players can achieve some of these layers is by using a Valorant tracker. is one of the most used and highly recognized trackers. That is why the one that this article will be focusing on it along with its high functionality. It is also one of the only trackers that allow players to view plays that they’ve made in past rounds using the Overwolf extension. This is useful as players can view other people’s clips that were posted to get better as well as upload their own.



Valorant Tracker Website PageValorant Tracker Website Page

This is how players would install the Valorant tracker from its website:

  • Players will want to go to the website.
  • Players will then want to go to the top right of the website where it says Get the Apps.
  • There will be a download for both IOS and Android as well as another for Windows
    • The IOS and Android apps are wonderful when players want to check their clips or trending line-ups on the go.
  • The player will click on the Windows option titled Valorant Tracker.
  • This will take them to a screen where players will click Download Now.
  • A screen will appear that tells players if they want the app to make changes on their device and players will hit the Yes button.
  • A Vaorant Tracker Installer screen will appear and players will hit Next.
  • Another screen will appear which lets players choose the location they want the app in and if they want a desktop shortcut for both the Valorant Tracker and Overwolf.
    • Overwolf is that part of the tracker that lets players record different parts of games.
  • Accept the terms and agreements.
  • The next screen will ask players if they want to Add An App.
    • Right now the app is buff which lets players earn credits that can be exchanged for gaming Radiante Points to get guns on Valorant.
  • The app will then begin downloading.
  • Launch when the player is ready.

How To Use

Valorant Tracker Home PageValorant Tracker Home Page

This is how to use once it is launched and the home screen is open:

  • On the Home Menu, players will be able to navigate to different menus game mode menus which include:
    • Statistics that deal with wins, K/D ratio, headshot percentage, damage round, wins, losses, kills, deaths, assists, headshots, what weapon a player mainly uses, where they mainly hit their opponents and much more.
  • Navigating from Home to Match History players can view their last 20 matches as well as all of the stats from them.
  • Going to thePerformance tab players can see different ways in which they are improving by charts being provided for their stats.
    • This is useful for players who practice their aim frequently and want to see how well they’re doing.
  • On the Agent tab players can find their statistics for all of the specific agents.
  • The Maps tab lets players see how well they perform on each map.
  • The Weapons tab shows a player’s gun statistics.
  • will have an in-game overlay that gives an overview of a player’s stats.
  • If the app is fully opened in-game then players will be able to see the full stats of themselves, their team, and opponents.
    • If other players have set this to private players won’t be able to see their stats.
    • When in the Live Match tab players can click the guides tab and it will show tips and tricks for the agent that players select on the map they are on.
  • Out of game in the Guides tab players can view all the guides for any of the agents that they select or upload their own.
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This is how you use the Overwolf Valorant Tracker extension to record highlights:

  • Open the Overwolf App.
  • Go to the settings tab and on Overlay & Hotkeys make sure the bar is checked for Valorant.
  • Go to the App tab and download Gazoom and Launch.
  • A window will pop up and players will click on the recording.
  • On recording players can set what folder they want their clips saved on, fps it records in, and the resolution they want to record in.
  • This app will record kills, assists, and deaths and automatically send them to a folder you created on your computer.


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