Wednesday August 10, 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine has also affected tennis, among other things, which has responded by upsetting calendars by way of sanctions against warring countries or preventing athletes from participating in the most illustrious tournaments, see Wimbledon, with the ATP which, however, rebelled by deciding for an edition without points.

The dynamics characterizing countries around the world, the choices made by heads of state for their nations, have more or less intersected the life of sport.

Rublev: “Tennis independent sport, it can be without politics”

Andrey Rublev, one of the many tennis players who fell victim to these choices, spoke on the subject of the infiltration of politics into sport.

The world number 8 after his debut victory in Washington against Jack Drape explained: “I think politics has always been present in sport. Everybody knows. But I believe that by being united and doing good things for peace, tennis can be an example, maybe other sports will follow it, and in general, maybe one day sport will be without politics.”

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Continuing his personal analysis on the issue, Andrey Rublev said he was firmly convinced of the driving potential of tennis, which according to him can very well continue to live without the hand of politics. “I believe that tennis can do without politics, because tennis is something independent.

I think it is one of the few sports independent of the rest of sports. We have players from all over. We play in every country. We travel around the world. I think tennis has a good chance of being outside of politics, because, yes, we have all nations playing.”

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Rublev, after Washington, should play both the ATP Masters 1000 on US hard-courts, the Rogers Cup and Cincinnati, to play then the US Open 2022, event which will close the Summer North American Swing.


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