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Valorant, like many other competitive shooters, doesn’t do the best at providing statistics that players need to know to improve. For players to combat this and prevent the pain of looping ranked or unrated losses, they can download a tracker.

Trackers come in all shapes and sizes as they provide a lot of different types of information. This is not a list so that players can choose one tracker to reign above the rest. It’s a list for players to look through and find a combination of trackers that suits their playstyle.

4. Statistics Tracker For Statistics Tracker For Valorant provides a lot of statistical information. It differs in that the statistics are specified to a player rather than focusing on the entire team’s statistics. It lets players know their overall wins, kills, assists, kills per round ratio, amount of first bloods gotten, aces, clutches, most kills in a round, and a lot more. gives players the ability to see how they are performing with specific agents, weapons, and team compositions on specific maps. It also gives players specifics on what they need to focus on to improve., as it claims on its website, does in fact have a broad range of game information.


This app has the best algorithm in terms of the stats it gives a player. It lets players compare themselves to how they performed in other games. This is a great app to view where a player needs to improve. If used along with other sources, it can be of great help to many players.

3. Statistics Tracker Statistics Tracker Logo
Betway MENA Sports $50 SOB banners does a lot in gathering statistics like, but it’s browser-based. Players also need to make their Valorant account statistics data public to use this website. This tracker does not provide an in-game overlay like many of the others. It mainly functions as a giant collection of player stats. The stats deal with headshot percentages, win rates, kills, average player score, kill death ratio, and average damage. allows players to break all of their statistical data down. This lets players see where they need to improve the most. It lets players see their statistics on specific maps. The website offers global statistics that include agent pick rates. It also provides data for the most successful agent compositions in Valorant. All of their data is refreshed every 24 hours so that they are constantly on top of the Valorant meta.

Overall, is based on players who want to do heavy research into their Valorant accounts without the overlay in between games.

2. Valorant Statistics Tracker And Overwolf Game Valorant Statistics Tracker And Overwolf Game Recorder has a lot of features that allow players to view their stats in previous matches. These stats are like those from other trackers mentioned. They go over players’ headshot percentage, kill death assist ratio, kill death percentage, and players’ previous match scores. It also has real-time Valorant statistics to show players their chance of winning a match. lets players view the stats not only on themselves extensively but also on their teammates and enemies. has a partnership with Overwolf that allows them to get clips of players’ games. Clips can be from specific moments such as a moment of action, when a player got a kill, when a match was won, and so on. This is great for reviewing what went wrong or right in matches.

The best thing about is that it has a community that can upload helpful clips to one another. Players are helping players get better at Valorant. It breaks down every part of a player’s gameplay while being simple for players to navigate. It’s easy to use and has an app to accompany it on both Android and Apple devices. This makes it so that players can view their stats or share them whenever they want.

Note: Valorant Tracker by Overwolf and are the same thing. Valorant Tracker by Overwolf is an integration of the Overwolf recording software that is implemented into the app.

1. is an extensive in-game overlay that covers statistics and can give players information on which agents they perform best with. It breaks down KDA and win percentage statistics as well as shows players their headshot percentage, that of their teams, and so much more.

Players can see the last five games that they’ve had and that their teammates have had. This allows players to see how their teammates have been doing in their recent matches. It also lets players keep track of how they’ve been doing. Viewing the wins and losses can also be very useful at lower ranks to spot people who are smurfing. A lot of the time, smurfs will have a high headshot percentage and five losses. This can also be useful to calculate how well a team might perform.

There are tabs for maps that cover the statistics on which maps players play the most. covers attack percentages and death per round percentages. It keeps track of the percentage of headshots and deaths in comparison to a player’s previous round. It also comes with every section of every map’s call-outs–if players are trying to memorize call-outs, they can use this option to look over maps and learn the names of areas at their discretion. also has guides that it provides for players so that players can clean up how they play their main characters and learn some new skills. Overall, Blitz has one of the best in-game overlays and aesthetics.


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