Saturday August 6, 2022

Felix Auger-Aliassime reveals he has benefited a lot just from speaking with Toni Nadal. In April 2021, Auger-Aliassime added Uncle Toni to his coaching staff. Uncle Toni, who guided his nephew Rafael Nadal to a stunning success, knows extremely well what it takes to achieve the biggest things in the game and how a player should react in certain situations.

“I would say that mentally he has given me a lot of confidence by sharing conversations and spending time with me during tournaments. He makes me believe that I have what it takes to accomplish my goals and has always been very positive with me, I think that it is everything you want from someone.

He has been a great support for me and my team and we have learned from his experience, which has resulted in a successful partnership,” Auger-Aliassime told Mexican media ESTO, per Sportskeeda.

Auger-Aliassime on how he deals with massive expectations

Auger-Aliassime, 21, has only one title in his collection but he has played 10 ATP finals so far.

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Currently, Auger-Aliassime is the ninth-ranked player in the world – that’s his career-high ranking. Auger-Aliassime has achieved some notable things very early, but he is not done yet as his ultimate goal is to win a Grand Slam and reach the top spot.

“I consider that I have dealt with expectations in a good way because I have always been true to myself, I have remained the person I have always been and I have had people close to me. At the end of the day you only want to maintain a good relationship with the people who are important to you.

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Now speaking of tennis, the expectations of the others are not greater than my own expectations. I believe in myself to achieve important things within the sport, so pressure is something that I have to deal with and its something that I have learned in recent years,” Auger-Aliassime explained.


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