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Riot Games’ Valorant is a popular FPS title that currently offers 19 unique agents to choose from. The number isn’t as great as in other competitive games like Overwatch and League of Legends, but it can still be tricky to find the best agent in Valorant. So, we are here to help you select the most suitable agents in the game that goes well your play style.

These agents will be ranked based on how well they perform solo while also being an asset to the team. This guide should give players insight into what these agents have to offer in terms of abilities.


10/10 Sage (Sentinel)

Sage With A Healing OrbSage With A Healing Orb

Sage is not the most special agent on this list, but her kit can be useful for a team’s success. She has Slow Orbs that can delay a push or make it difficult for opponents to retake a site. Sage’s healing ability is not as powerful as before, but it is still decent.

Sage is one of the most nerfed agents in Valorant. Her barrier’s health has been reduced, and the slow on her orb changed from 65% to 50%. However, all the nerfs have to be factored in with her ultimate, Ressurection. It is still one of the best Ultimates in the games that can turn the tide with a revived teammate.

9/10 Viper (Controller)

Viepr Releasing Gas From Her ArmViepr Releasing Gas From Her Arm
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Viper is no longer the low-tier agent she once was, but she isn’t the best agent either. She does not sit far from some of the best agents on this list, though. Her ultimate is extremely useful when defending a site. Viper has some devastating one-way line-ups for her smoke, which also affects players’ health. Her wall also has a large range that easily blocks the enemy team’s vision.

Viper’s molly can be helpful to prevent the enemy team from pushing or diffusing, but it’s not as powerful as other mollys. Her Snake Bite does only 12.5 damage but also makes the enemies vulnerable. Her teammates can use that vulnerability to inflict double damage on the opponents. Overall, Viper can be a great agent if played well, but honestly, there are better Controllers in the game.

8/10 KAY/O (Initiator)

KAY/O has a lot of potential as an Initiator, but some of his kits are not as good as other agents. His flash – Flash/Drive – can be easily dodged since it takes a little more time to pop than Skye or Phoenix’s blind. Though his flash is not as good as other agents, KAY/O can still be a good pick.

He is the only agent that can suppress opponents’ abilities. Frag/Ment is an explosive that deals lethal damage if the enemies are at the center of it. It can be used for controlling the Spike and angles in general. His ultimate Null/Cmd is vital in taking control of a site. It allows KAY/O’s team to blast their abilities while their opponents’ abilities are suppressed.

7/10 Killjoy (Sentinel)

Killjoy is suitable for playing defensive positions and not being as involved in gunfights as other classes. Her Alarmbot ability is excellent at preventing her team from getting flanked. Her Turret ability is helpful for players who have difficulty taking on one-on-one gunfights, as the turret deals considerable damage while also slowing down the enemy.

Killjoy can be great – especially at lower ELO – but her utilities fall short when it comes down to pushing a site. Her turret’s slow ability is also significantly nerfed. Nevertheless, she is still extremely helpful when learning to play the game or wanting to play defensively.

6/10 Neon (Duelist)

Neon is a Duelist who can easily cause chaos on the battlefield. She can push a site with her Relay Bolt, which shoots out a quick orb of energy that bounces and stuns enemies. Neon’s Fast Lane ability creates two walls that are great for cover and can be used to enter a site.

She has a dash that helps in catching enemies off guard. If used in conjunction with her other abilities or timed wisely, it can lead to stacking up kills. Her ultimate ability hits hard at a close range, but it might feel useless at a long range if the opponent has a decent aim. She is also less effective with the Operator in comparison to other Duelists. However, Neon is still good for those who prefer being aggressive during attacks.

5/10 Jett (Duelist)

Jett With A Blade Storm KnifeJett With A Blade Storm Knife

Jett was once the best Duelist in Valorant, and though the Korean agent no longer holds that spot, she is still one of the best agents. Patch 4.08 introduced a 12-second window for Tailwind, which previously worked instantly after pressing the ability key. However, the good thing is that Jett gets her Tailwind back more often as the kill counter starts sooner than before.

When using the Operator with the rest of her kit, she’s still one of the most challenging agents to handle in a 1v1 scenario. Her kit doesn’t help the team much (Except for the smokes), but players can still carry their team to victory if they play the agent well.

4/10 Fade (Initiator)

Fade Pulling Up Her Jacket Fade Pulling Up Her Jacket

Fade is an initiator with great utility that’s useful for herself and her team. She can take control of corners by sending Prowlers with large health pools to blind enemies. She can use her Haunt to get a vision of the map.

A well-placed use of her ultimate ability, Nightfall, while communication with the team can lead to an easily winnable round. She has a hard learning curve, but Fade is highly useful to her team when used right.

3/10 Skye (Initiator)

Skye Posing As Her Animals Are Around HerSkye Posing As Her Animals Are Around Her

Skye is a well-rounded Initiator and one of the best Valorant agents to pick on any map. She can use Trailblazer, which can reveal enemies’ location while concussing them with a direct hit. Skye also has a flash to create openings. Along with this, she has a heal that isn’t useful to her, but it heals her teammates. 

To top it all off, her ultimate, Seekers, is the best for finding out where enemies are hiding. In short, Skye players are of great help to their team as her kit speaks for itself in terms of versatility.

2/10 Omen (Controller)

Omen Holding A GuardianOmen Holding A Guardian

Omen is by far the best Controller as he can split apart a map and create one-way smokes that a lot of the other Controller agents can’t. ‘Dark Cover’ is Omen’s active ability, so players don’t get punished for wasting a smoke. The agent does not require line-ups like other controllers, so his smokes are more effective and easy to learn. 

Omen has a blind with a massive radius that can be shot through walls to get picks. The ‘Shrouded Step’ ability allows him to teleport nearby, giving the Controller much more flexibility. His Ulitmate – From the Shadows – allows him to teleport to any location on the map, granting him endless possibilities when it comes to planting tactics and taking control of a site.

1/10 Chamber (Sentinel)

Chamber Holding Tour De ForceChamber Holding Tour De Force

Chamber is a Sentinel that can be played as a Duelist, especially during the pistol rounds. Chamber has his Headhunter ability, which gives him a gun that works like a Sheriff. The ability allows Chamber to be the only in-game character who can buy half shields and a strong gun in the first round of the game.  

Chamber can use Rendevous to teleport at the snap of his fingers. His trap also keeps him and his team safe from a flank. Chamber’s ultimate ability rewards him with a super-powered Operator. Chamber may not be the best Sentinel in the game, but he is the only one who can outperform a Duelist.


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