Saturday August 6, 2022
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Jenna Coleman in The Sandman

Image via Netflix

The Sandman only premiered on Netflix this Friday, but fans are already demanding a spinoff. While it’s Tom Sturridge’s Dream of the Endless who has his name in the title, the dark fantasy series features numerous other larger-than-life characters who have immediately grabbed audience’s attentions, including Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s Death and Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer. Although, at the top of the list is Jenna Coleman as Johanna Constantine.

Essentially filling the role of the more famous DC Comics hero John Constantine in the plot, Coleman most prominently features in The Sandman‘s third episode as Morpheus teams up with Constantine in order to retrieve his missing pouch of sand. Despite not literally being John, Coleman is so good in the part that fans are blazing with love for this adaptation of the Hellblazer, with Constantine even trending on Twitter in the wake of the show’s release.

Even Matt Ryan loyalists have to admit that Johanna is the most comics-accurate Constantine we’ve ever had.

Fans are willing to do whatever it takes to get a spinoff.

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The calls for a Constantine spinoff just don’t stop.

We’ve only just scratched the surface.

Make it happen, Netflix.

That’s our Constantine.

Not to mention, we need to see more of Lady Johanna Constantine, the modern-day character’s ancestor, in future seasons.

The fans aren’t the only ones who are demanding more of Coleman’s Constantine as EP Neil Gaiman has likewise revealed that a Hellblazer show would be his dream Sandman spinoff. You’d have to imagine that Netflix would be open to the idea, too, as it’s always looking for more pitches. Warner Bros. was developing its own Constantine series for HBO Max, but who knows what’s going on over there right now.

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Catch the first season of The Sandman on Netflix now.


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