3 earthquakes hit off B.C. coast

3 earthquakes hit off B.C. coast
3 earthquakes hit off B.C. coast
3, earthquakes, ranging between 4.5 and 5.6 magnitude, have hit the coast of British Columbia this morning on Wednesday and stuff in-studio Steph. What more can you tell us about all of the earthquake, the Tremors? What is all this indicate? Earthquakes set the map to show you exactly where this happened. I all of it was in the area that sells of Haida gwaii north of Vancouver Island. The first was near the community of Port Hardy II and the largest was a few minutes later Northwest of the community of and the third was off Haida gwaii, a seismologist from the US Geological Survey describe the aftershocks to that larger 6.2 magnitude earthquake. That happened off the northern tip of Vancouver Island overnight Wednesday that one was more than 200 km west of bela-bela. Now people could feel these Tremors, but there have been no injuries, reported officials say there was no tsunami threat and the connection to the earthquake in Calif. Natasha, this is a reminder that BC is prone to this as well. Absolutely ask you to stick around because we’ll come back to you in just a moment with more tips on how to manage if it’s an earthquake that hit. But let’s now talk a seismologist. Who is saying that there’s a chance that another significant Quake could hit within the next week in Southern California, flat screens, my dressers are knocked over all my neighbors, I was talking to them. All of their stuff is gone like it was just this really devastating. For yesterday’s Tremors could be felt over a vast area from Orange County to Las Vegas. It had the epicenter near the city of Ridgecrest. That’S about 2 hours drive north of Los Angeles, CNN, reporter Camila Bernal is in Ridgecrest, and I asked her about those cans. Even big earthquake could happen, so there’s always the the scare or you know the the worry of that big one and experts are saying that there is a 9 % chance of a quake being greater than that six-point more than the one we saw yesterday. Being an Aftershock reader, but they do say there’s a 20 % chance of a quick being five or greater so lower than that 6.4 that we saw yesterday so authorities here just telling people to continue to be alert because there is more coming in. As you mentioned, I just a couple of minutes ago, we did have a major Aftershock earlier this morning about 3 hours ago. It was a 5.4 and you can feel it. I mean the ground was shaking. You could see the concrete Kohl’s moving side to side. You could see the cars rattling the buildings and we just kind of Stood Still on the ground, trying to figure out what was going on and just trying to keep our balance, because it was just so amazed your and you can yeah. You could hear it. You could feel it, and so after that, there’s been more than 20 after shots, and just these last three hours, those have been lower and number lower and strength, so those are harder to feel nonetheless, a lot of activity in the last 24 hours. We know that it’s now almost 200 aftershocks after yesterday, 6.4. So that is why everybody here continues to be on a large. That is why people are still nervous and there’s still uneasy when it comes to what’s happening here. That’S incredible! You mentioned the 200 aftershocks since the initial still going on. What do we know in terms of people being injured, how’s the progress on that front of the injuries and in terms of the damage, their very minor injuries and very minor damage. We have not seen any reports of anything new do happening. We do know there was some cracks on the road that is already been fixed. There places like this Hospital behind me that did report some structure damage the people in this building. They all got evacuated to the patients, got moved to other hospitals in Bakers, California, and then they are just analyzing and sort of inspecting the building, trying to figure out what could happen next, what authorities to say that their biggest concerns are the least the water leaks And the gas leaks, so there is still warning out in terms of those they’re telling people to just be extra careful to be at smelling things in case they they smell that gas and just to be on the lookout for anything, that’s out of place or out Of the normal that CNN, reporter Camila Bernal from Ridgecrest Calif, so obviously the danger is real stuff thanks for sticking around. Let’S talk about some advice for people if they find themselves in a situation like this. What are you supposed to do? Well, we know that’s a very real threat in British Columbia as well for years. So so, as you said, let’s talk about some tips just to keep people safe in case they find themselves caught up in this. Our first point here, plan ahead of time, so here are some things. You choose a safe place to wait out an earthquake. Maybe this is under a heavy desk or table in a room. That’S pretty clear. The kitchen experts say the kitchen is often the most dangerous place because there’s likely to be you know, appliances in Sharp flying around. With that in mind, as you see, their secure furniture and heavy object that includes mirrors dresses has bookcases speaking of bookcases. Anything you would need to survive for at least 72 hours that can include food water. First, aid supplies, flashlight medication, contact list, make sure your family members know your entire emergency plan. Earthquake is happening, stay indoors if you can away from Windows or, if you’re in your car stopping park somewhere clear, drop cover and hold on. That’S the key phrasing that experts and officials want you to know, drop cover and hold on to drop under it. Protect your head and neck, don’t get up for at least 60 seconds. Remember, aftershocks can happen minutes hours days after as we’ve just seen in British Columbia. This is over move to Higher Ground check for injuries on yourself and other people. Nilofer gas, as they’re talking about in California, look out for debris and when you do go outside lookout for fallen power line. Remember you can always get the latest information on radio television will have it for you on CBC News. You can look for trusted, confirm sources on so I know this is a lot, but these are some tips that can keep us all safe. There is more on the Canadian Red Cross website if you want to know more or you can search for it on our website that CBC News. CA stuff. Thank you.
Three earthquakes registering between 4.5 and 5.6 magnitude were detected off the coast of B.C. on Friday morning. They occurred a day after Southern California’s powerful quake, although an expert says they’re not related.

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