3D-printable gun blueprints to go public soon

tomorrow morning the sun will be shining the birds will be singing and anyone will be able to legally download instructions to 3D print their own fully functional plastic gun including the AR-15 weapon a war simply go wrong this invitation to chaos brought to you by the Trump Administration you heard that right in a nation with 5% of the world’s population but more than a third of its mass shooting the Trump Administration is allowing anyone to print a gun the hassle of background checks registration or any of the usual trappings of law enforcement how did this happen glad you came up with a 3D printed gun he calls The Liberator the plans online an estimate that more than 100,000 people downloaded it before the Obama State Department made him take it down under regulations called itar Wilson then sued the government alleging the move violated his free speech said it was about his right to disseminate the plant now the lawsuit against the Obama Administration language for five years Tony never even thought he would win but suddenly this past June the Trump Administration settled the case even paid Wilson 40 Grand in legal fees for his trouble that’s from you the taxpayer and thanks to that guns like these you can print at home or going back up online August 1st that supporters argue this personal use the 3D printer is prohibitive anyway but make no mistake the gun lobby is ecstatic the NRA called 3D printed guns symbolic of quote freedom and Innovation that worked overtime to kill an effort to add 3D printed guns to the undetectable Firearms Act and don’t forget that earlier this year after the Parkland school shooting support for stricter gun laws hit a record 70% in a CNN poll even gun rights groups have said that the focus should be on restricting people with mental illness or certain types of criminal I’m getting a gun this policy ship could erase all those efforts at finding common ground by providing the ultimate DIY Lupul and insulting common sense in the process you can expect more thoughts and prayers in return so tomorrow thanks for the Trump Administration plans for a gun that anyone can print and virtually no one can detect will be wildly available and you can on ring that Bell and that your reality check let me ask you this how are states responding to this cuz this is obviously an area where they are they are resisting is strongly as they can the states are not taking Columbia filing lawsuit block this from a current problem is that the other legislation is already better the policy is already been changed so they are knighted states are behind the 8-ball on this one and and putting the genie back in the bottles going to be tough but they’re trying well I don’t get it I don’t get it I mean I don’t understand who think this is a good idea and why this is happening the common sense test in any way shape or form it is easy to anticipate all the problems that will occur anyone can print no background check mental illness not a factor virtually undetectable the problems that Cascade from this policy shift or mammoth Remember movie 25 years ago in the line of fire great Clint Eastwood movie John Malkovich plays a rogue CIA assassin who tries to assassinate a president with a plastic gun he brings into a fundraiser so even before we had the technology capacity to bring us about Hollywood warning that this could be a real problem
Not long ago it was the stuff of science fiction, but now US officials and lawmakers are grappling with a new reality: The ability for citizens to print firearms at home. CNN’s John Avlon breaks it down.

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