49ers camp report: Is San Francisco poised for big year?

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49ers camp report: Is San Francisco poised for big year?
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lots of optimism in the 49ers camp in the whole obviously is that that momentum that they established last year they won their last five games in a row Jimmy Garoppolo came in and look like he’s the franchise quarterback that they’ve been waiting for now they want to sit back and carry over into the new season and allow them to continue to grow and oh by the way they’ve made some some decent additions to help but year to 4 Shanahan year 2 for Jimmy Garoppolo year future for the 49ers light-hearted a lot of respect a lot of love among teammates kind of Lottery and so Jimmy Garoppolo has come in here and I think he’s done a great job of allowing his teammates to get to know him and being a leader not so much in your face God not so much of you know a guy who is going to force himself on people and edit this is straight from Kyle Shanahan talking to me about garoppolo’s effect as well it’s been a natural progression for him Richard Sherman is a guy that a young emerging defense really kind of days at Shanahan told me Richard Sherman walked in the door and had Instant Respect the younger guys who Richard Sherman says a full of energy and they look up to him I mean here’s a guy who has one and he develops from a 5th rounder to the best cornerback in the NFL the real big question right now he still has his dreadlocks and cut his hair in 18 years he told me right but the thing that we really have to see from Richard Sherman is whether or not he’s going to rebound from that torn Achilles tendon and be the same player that we know that he has in recent years now if you talk to Sherman obviously there’s no doubt I watch them on the practice field he is not even wearing as much as a tape job on his rehab Achilles so I’m bullet I think we have the makings of a potential Big Time rivalry again in the NFC West Division we are expecting to see a lot more Rams 49ers rivalry games as we go and I think that’s the measuring stick the Seahawks still going to be forming a boat and then the car knows you don’t ever want to count anybody out but they got a rookie quarterback and we’ll see where that goes with it and a new coach as well
SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ Jarrett Bell is on location at 49ers camp and breaks down why this is a team on the rise.

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