6th right whale found dead marks 4th in 48 hours

6th right whale found dead marks 4th in 48 hours
6th right whale found dead marks 4th in 48 hours
A team of scientists on Prince Edward Island is carrying out a difficult task today, they’re examining the body of an Atlantic right whale trying to figure out how it died. Already, six of the endangered species have been found dead this month in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Brian Higgins, reports just getting the whale on Shore was a job in itself. It took an hour a backhoe and a big, strong rope that broke twice already: a crowd of curious onlookers, head everybody’s heard about these endangered right whales, turning up dead in the Gulf of st. Lawrence to C & S, feces like that to be a to be Wiped out and and whatnot so I mean that in any kind of actions today in Plymouth it to help the two species. That means there’s only so many of them left. So it is what it is and it’s it’s kind of a shame that it affects our Dave crab fishing. But in the end I mean we’re. Only Small Potatoes compared to the Small Potatoes is left for for whales right Elder offered prayer after it was ashore. Then the work began: measurements of the whales overall dimensions, preparation of field, labs for tissue sampling and once the cutting began, a strong pungent, odor, filling the air jumping to any conclusions about what caused the death of this whale. But 50 people are on site doing this work. Investigators say they will gather all the information then do their best to piece together. What might have happened only for bird and 12 right whales remain alive. Worldwide, 6 have turned up dead in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. In recent weeks, at the scourging setback after Auto abroad, in speed limits on ships and fishing restrictions year, the species – and obviously it’s not a sustainable mortality right at this moment, given that there is such a small number to animals right now, if this continued on it, Certainly would be very worrisome, but now I’m sure I remain. We try to remain optimistic, because otherwise we wouldn’t be able to keep doing what we’re doing so. That’S the over here, they’ve named this Quail. It’S a male when examination is complete, will be buried here. Among the dunes Brian Higgins, CBC News, Norway,
A sixth dead North Atlantic right whale has been discovered in the Gulf of St. Lawrence this year, Fisheries and Oceans Canada said Thursday evening, hours after announcing heightened protective measures for the endangered species.
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