7 children dead following tragic Halifax house fire

7 children dead following tragic Halifax house fire
7 children dead following tragic Halifax house fire
Canada was supposed to be a new beginning for the bar host. They fled the horror, Syria, but it found in here this morning when fire consumed their house and took the lives of all seven children, who’s, the oldest at 14 Abdullah, the youngest born just three months ago, their siblings twelve-year-old roller, nine-year-old, Muhammad eight-year-old, Halle and Rena. Who is to the fan this music, Canada and you were to Halifax? They moved there from a smaller community in the summer and they were about to move back next week as bread Ruskin tells us. It isn’t Unsinkable tragedy for family who would already been through. So much the arrived in Canada just over a year ago, in search of a better life for their family, a fresh start after fleeing a brutal conflict that hope ended in tragedy for early this morning, the remains of the bar whole family home. I heard a huge bang and I was laying in bed with my daughter and followed by a woman screaming. So I jumped up out of bed and looked out the back window and all I could see was flames shooting out from the backdoor going onto the deck. By the time firefighters arrived around 12:40 a.m. there was intense flames on the first and second Stories. The roof gone neighboring homes charred no word yet on whether they were smoke detectors in the home. The family was sponsored by a local Refugee support organization. Natalie Horan was part of that effort and remained a close friend of the family. It was amazing to be able to share, especially with the children, so many first or first know their first time Skating difficult to accept what has happened, and she just repeats anywhere for children over and over again and ask to see them. Family friend Abdullah Hussein says he had to break the news to family back in Syria and turkey. I called her kids email, shanties mosque. You remembers the kids well and reflected today on their loss. They are stopping their life down here.. They have all kinds of hope. So you know, but life investigators are still processing the scene and they’ll be back here in the morning to keep combing through the home in while much like the support that first brought this Refugee family here to Canada, the community has now a fundraising campaign to help Support the parents who traveled so far and lost so much in CBC News, Halifax,
Seven children are dead following a fire that swept through the Halifax home of a Syrian refugee family, the deadliest house fire in recent Nova Scotia history.

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