7 homes destroyed in London, Ont., gas explosion

7 homes destroyed in London, Ont., gas explosion
7 homes destroyed in London, Ont., gas explosion
Good morning, large numbers hours after the explosion that destroyed homes – and you can see as we look at these pictures, they continue to put out hotspots in the aftermath to the explosion and Fire polyp during this morning. As we begin, the story is confirmation from authorities. There are no data, no serious injuries as a result of what happened in that 2 scene, but we have video to show you. First of all, the immediate aftermath. We heard the bang, we weren’t sure what it was. Initially I thought perhaps the train exploded cuz. It tracks aren’t you far from here. Pictures came off of our walls. The book came off of our bookshelf and there was several other accelerants. you’re going off in the sound and the propane tank or something that was going off. What police say happened here is a vehicle crash at night they got the the initial investigation indicates the crash ruptured, a gas line and the gas leak erupted in Flames. Massive Fireballs, you see in this video at least one home is destroyed. Several others are badly damaged. This is say, the blast shook their homes and Flames shot sky-high. I was just at home, relaxing and all of a sudden, I felt my house shake and heard a loud noise as we were walking closer towards the house, literally exploded debris everywhere. Windows along the streets shattering we watch through fly higher than the trees on the street. The sound was immensely loud, some of the words they’re in the voices from people who live in the neighborhood who were awakened by that explosion, as it happened. Late last night, rcbc and get us as close as possible to the scene looks like the number of First Responders still pretty extensive behind you howl as we speak this hour, it’s a much more controlled seeing than what we experienced last night. However, fire crews are still dealing with an active, as you can see behind me. Here’S the homes, the lineup of the seven homes that caught fire last night are there still being hoes down. You can see some smoke coming off the rooftops and the homes being hose down here by aircrews. We have several trucks in the area and others that are blocking off the side streets here that have been closed down for the ongoing investigation. Now police say they won’t have a full a report of the damages not until full daylight, and we should be getting updates about possible charges involved in the incident within the hour. We know that a car crash into a home and I ruptured a gas line and and caused the massive explosion. One woman was taken into custody last night, so it’s a little bit more. We can get in the area and end. This incident has left the community shaken, I’m joined here by Jack’s home, actually back onto one of the impacted Holmes Jamie. What did you here last night? It was, I was just going to bed and I heard like like a boom in an explosion, and my microwave door came open and I saw that that exploded and then my backyard was just like lit orange and then he started screaming and yelling. For my husband to wake up and then within, like one minute of this all happening, we looked out the window and the house was, it was gone. What did you do next? What did police tell you? They were going like door-to-door Charlie, telling everybody that they needed to evacuate for safety I’m. So we were kind of standing on the office like on the East End of the Road, and then that was not safe anymore, so they just told us all to go down to done. I’m. So we were just sitting around as there for a while, and then it got really cold. My family owns a business that I run the street, so we were just using it to go to the bathroom and then we decided decided like, let’s just all go in there cuz at least it’s warm and that’s where you spent the evening yeah. There’S probably, I think about 15 of us yeah and Joe. Would it were you in the area this morning? What do you waiting on so we’re just waiting on finding oh like? If and when we can go back into our home? We have a cat that we like rescued with us. So last night we were, you know like: where can you go with your cat stuff, like that? We didn’t know how long it would be. Some people have medication in their home and they have pets that they didn’t get out. Most people are just like in their pajamas cuz, it’s so late at night yeah. You know I asked you know many questions still remain there. Still a lot up in the air residences. Don’T know when they’re set to return about 36 people have actually been told to leave their homes and their stay either at motels and nearby community center, or even an Emergency Response Unit, that’s opened up. Even some neighbors have opened up their home. Thank you. So much father’s house in London as we go back and show you again some of the ongoing emergency response. There was a briefing from First Responders just a few minutes ago in London, some of the details that they offered in terms of the mayor police chief in the fire chief, that there are about a hundred homes that have been affected and evacuated in multi-block area 7. People in total were transported to hospital one citizen for firefighters, to police off the call just about 20 to 11. Last night police arrived two minutes later, and it was about 12 about 12 minutes later there is a woman who’s in custody and what police are saying is they hope to have further information about the investigation into the driver later this morning, they’re also firefighters, working with The Ontario Fire Marshall expected to arrive today, h-2a try to determine the cause and the circumstances still about 20 firefighters on scene in London right now, 50, at the height of their response overnight, will have more from London Ontario is we continue to track developments there?
Seven houses were destroyed in London, Ont., after a vehicle drove into a residence in the city’s east end, rupturing a gas line and causing an explosion, police say. One woman was taken into custody when police arrived on the scene, says the London Police Service.

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