85 injured in Mexico plane crash

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85 injured in Mexico plane crash
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incredible images it’s a miracle really in Mexico a plane packed with a hundred and three people on board crashing look at this just past the runway during takeoff and then catching fire ABC Victor Oquendo is in Mexico City where that plane was supposed to land with the latest good morning Victor good morning crashing during takeoff in a nearby Field passenger describing the horrifying seen the locals here telling it nothing short of a miracle it was during takeoff ferocious win the plane bouncing violently against the runway then everything went dark the runway the passengers aircraft before it exploded into flames according to officials then a bunch of small open the door and then I got out this video cake paramedics packed person after person into ambulances miraculously not a single life lost people take me to the hospital for injuries the pilot and one passenger in serious but stable condition at least one American onboard Reverend a second Sanchez from Chicago the Archdiocese of Chicago saying he sustained injuries please pray for father Sanchez and everyone affected by this plane crashed the airline says the plane was quote perfectly maintained it was service in February and the crew was well-rested and this morning government officials are pissing victim in those hospital and investigation has been opened up in the company that makes the plane Embraer so they’re sending a team of technician to help Amy news contributor Colonel Steve ganyard and Steve good morning to you we’ve heard the governor of Durango saying that a gust of when they believe hit the plane it was as it was taking up we also this airport and is at high altitude what do you think the factors were to this plane crash good morning Amy I think that that’s still an open question so we do know that there was some weather in the area we do know that this is a very high at airport so it’s about 6000 feet well above save Denver or Albuquerque it’s warm so the Ariston it take longer takeoff roll SO waiting to see where where the weather played a factor but we do know is that this aircraft left the runway beard off to the left at a very high rate of speed and it ripped the engines off the airplane though you can see those sitting in the infield there skidded for almost a half a mile beyond the end of the runway but was intact which is what saved the saved on The Crew but all the passengers on board that the whole and a cabin stayed intact Wayne when they realized something was wrong because it is remarkable we don’t see outcomes like this very often especially with images like that mechanical issue or where there was pilot error but the reason the airplane left to the left the runway there is still an open question but they did a great job the crew the cabin crew did a great job getting everybody off the airplane you saw the fire that destroyed the whole Hall that happened after they got everybody off the airplane so thankfully it was very very smooth sound does the airplane plow through the end of the runway there and I think that was the biggest contributor to all these people getting off safely hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking up ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videoshow highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
The Mexico City-bound Aeromexico flight was reportedly hit by a gust of wind shortly after takeoff and hit the ground with its left wing.

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