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what’s the weather service Seattle send kids from their parents they are being held is so-called your mother’s even after all the trauma and separation at these kids just went through their nightmares only getting worse lazy Turtle Cinemas as determined by Congress border without permission has an emigre court case the fight the US government is actually expecting these children as young as 18 months unable to speak to represent themselves in court against the government attorney everyone in America have a right to a fair trial however Under the Sea ministration immigration judges are under pressure to meet quotas are expected to close 700 cases every year and we’re seeing that children cases are being sped up and Wesley and we are recently inquired with a three-year-old she can’t say anything the weather we have to physically pick up the child and place her on the chair some of them family members murdered it’s not uncommon for us to have a five-year-old described to us what a dead body on the street looks like or how he heard and bullets from a gun being shot for many of these kids if ordered deported going back to their home country could mean death it’s up to Congress to act and give children the right attorneys and Immigration Court
The U.S. government expects children, as young as 18 months and unable to speak, to represent themselves in immigration court to fight against their deportation. Lawyers in Miami made a coloring book to help kids understand what they’re facing.

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