A Judge Releases Private Texts Between Sean Hannity And Paul Manafort | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

A Judge Releases Private Texts Between Sean Hannity And Paul Manafort | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
A Judge Releases Private Texts Between Sean Hannity And Paul Manafort | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Nancy Pelosi: impeachment is you, but you know I’m not sure that I like having it looked. I did nothing wrong. I was spied on. What they did to me was illegal. It was illegal in the other side, I did nothing wrong. So I’m pictures of very unfair thing, because nothing that I did was wrong and if you look, it was no collusion. This was all about collusion names of the Mueller report, but still no signs that house Speaker. Nancy Pelosi is budging in her opposition to pursuing impeachment. There is concerning 50 pages of texts between former Trump campaign, chairman Paul manafort and Fox News host Sean Hannity text from the years 2017 and 2018 Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel in May of 2017 and 2 months later, on July 26th of that year, the Fbi carried out a raid on manafort’s Virginia Home on August 9th the day that news broke, Hannity sent this text Amanda. For quote, there are so many obvious crimes that are not being investigated. A deep state add a and little to nothing to beat being done. If you ever want to talk, grab dinner event, strategize whatever I am here the next day and he told manafort to watch his show, then on August 11th manafort wrote back quote. I appreciate what you tried to do flurries trying to intimidate me. This rain is just one example. I feel all alone out there. Two men remained in touch the route 2017, with Hannity continuing to offer his unwavering support. Then, in late January of 2018 in Fort Road quote nonpareil conversation this morning, my attorney Kevin Downing will call you at 11:30 tomorrow he will update you on what we are doing and how it connects to your reporting and he replied awesome later that year. Another exchange was made deal with Mueller and he starts the exchange quote. Why don’t you get a sweetheart deal like Gates? Manafort says they would want me to give up DT or family, especially JK. I would never do that. Hannity understand. There is nothing to give up. On., what about what did JK do nothing just like I did nothing. They will want me to make blank up on both. I will never do that tonight. He responded by posting this on social media. Special counsel, investigation in the treatment of Paul manafort’s were made clear. Everyday to anyone who listens to my radio show or watches my TV show. Man Ford is now serving a seven and a half year prison sentence on charges brought by former counsel Robert Mueller. He was the only turn it to be convicted at trial in that investigation. In a former Federal prosecutor and former deputy Assistant Attorney General bless, this news cross the wire a couple hours ago that all these text messages were suddenly out there. What prompted that? Well, I think, there’s been an effort by the judge that handle the manafort case, as well as by journalists, to try to get sort of loose ends of these very smaller prosecution’s unsealed. Until we’ve been seeing in a variety of different contexts, a different Court proceedings, a dribs and drabs coming out of things that were filed under seal at different points when this case was being hot, involving man of Fort, and so it finally emerged on a Friday afternoon. As they were sort of cleaning up some of this paperwork, I think responsibility says look. This is basically watch legally about him. It’S true Sean Hannity. You knew his viewpoint, but you didn’t know he was participating and In Cahoots the so to speak with it with Paul manafort’s this and was brazenly violating in the Nets. The reason, in fact the stuff first came up and then eventually start judge. Jackson said: what’s going on you, what you’re, under a show-cause order that you’re not violating this and that’s when he stopped in a playing footsie Westside with manafort? So there’s no legal issue when there’s a kind of a strange political issue, the way things are intertwined between supposed objective reporters and one of the actual objects of the story. Investigation and of course there are the Congressional investigations in news today from Jerry Nadler, the house Judiciary, chairman Josh, on one front now they’re talking about that appearance by hope. Hicks yesterday we’re hope, Hicks Nadler said he got something very significant out of that hearing. What is he claiming so now we’re told reporters in an interview, certain questions. She really wouldn’t answer any questions related to the time she served in the White House and their believes that the breath of that refusal will actually be testimony, but also about testimony from various other Witnesses. Folks, like Don mcgahn and others, and those fights are already underway in federal court with different committees and now their believes that the breath of this refusal – you know she refused to discuss where her desk was in The West Wing, will highlight two judges for the implications Of granting this kind of a broad protection to the White House, I also he talked about getting a trying to make. It seem very significant in terms of the court of public opinion, or do you think this is going to really help him really going to help? Democrats in these Court fights ahead Blaster mostly, I don’t think it really gave him 55 * she’s ordered to stand down and not respond, but the legal rationale is the same: the sense that it actually sets up something big that wouldn’t already have been set up. I think there’s this to know on going tension in the caucus, whether it’s worthwhile to a brought her in weather was okay to do her behind closed doors, and I think it was since he’s claiming Victory where he had best. He got a tie Wall Street Journal. This General, William Barr, in the investigation into the Russia investigation from The Wall Street Journal Review, they say, is focused on the US intelligence found. Moscow intervened in the 2016 presidential election to help then candidate Donald Trump will look in particular at whether there were disagreements among the intelligence analyst and if the review is also likely look into whether the findings were motivated by political position to mr. Trump in in Harry. That’S a theme, obviously I think you heard it right there in that interview. We play from the President coming in that the thing that he and his supporters, his allies, have been pressing heavily. What do you make of what we’re learning about the Contours of this investigation bars meeting? They knew what significant that he’s doing. This is for a third time and he does really seem to approach it with a sense of real gravity about what might have happened in terms of the Contours. We win this two or three times attorney in Connecticut Dunham would be looking at anyway. So I think this is a kind of report that states the obvious and that it’s really not sourced and, of course, you’re, going to look at that you’re going to talk to certain people new, the big news. Of course it’s just that the probe is going on and then, while it’s going on Trump has a great talking point for his political rallies. You investigate the investigators in the leg. Do what you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you? Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
Texts between Sean Hannity and convicted Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort are now public. The messages show Hannity’s support for Manafort during Mueller’s probe. Josh Gerstein and Harry Litman discuss.
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A Judge Releases Private Texts Between Sean Hannity And Paul Manafort | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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