A Key Figure in the Kavanaugh Allegations: Who Is Mark Judge? | NYT News

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A Key Figure in the Kavanaugh Allegations: Who Is Mark Judge? | NYT News
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A Key Figure in the Kavanaugh Allegations: Who Is Mark Judge? | NYT News
Would you like Mark judge to be interviewed, Mark judge it’s a name that keeps coming up in the cabinet hearings and here’s something very interesting. This is the drug room. Justice under God. Detention spend a lot of time in there. It’S like right now, but in this video posted online he is walking around the campus of Georgetown prep, the school he attended years earlier. The Supreme nominee Brett Kavanaugh are the legal ramifications of filming here, but this is part of my past and these videos are part of my history, so bring on the lawyers Christine blasi Ford says: judge was in the room when she alleges Kavanagh sexually assaulted. Her in the early 1980s, she says that you tried to take off her clothes and she believes that you would have raped her climbed on top and everyone tumbled to the floor. And then she had an opportunity to get away, judge and Kavanagh. We’Re close friends in high school and both have denied the episode occurred. Additional women have Sense come forward with accusations, judges now a key figure in the cabinet hearings in other self-shot videos, judge, discusses things like spirituality and pop culture. Short films, reviewed by the times, seems like mood pieces. They don’t have dialogue and almost all future young looking women, so I’m almost naked, posing or staring at the camera. Collagen, the freelance writer, author and filmmaker. He has contributed to conservative news sites like the Daily Caller and the Weekly Standard, but also Publications like the Washington Post and the New York Times no Andrew Breitbart. But he is an inspiration. He is written about topics ranging from culture and conservative ISM to masturbation and male sexuality. Regenexx drunk we’re here, accounts drinking in high school and includes a character named borrow Cavanagh, a suspected reference to Brett Kavanaugh. After the first Mark judges, social media accounts appear to be taken offline and has remained out of the public eye.
Selfie videos, male sexuality and filming young women. These themes appear in the videos and writings of Mark Judge that The New York Times reviewed, revealing a partial portrait of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s high school friend.

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