A Prisoner in the Family | Op-Docs

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A Prisoner in the Family | Op-Docs
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A Prisoner in the Family | Op-Docs
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This week’s Op-Doc is Indra Villaseñor Amador’s compelling short film, “A Prisoner in the Family,” part three in “A Moment in Mexico,” our special six-part series of Op-Docs by Mexican directors.

“A Prisoner in the Family” explores the impossible choices faced by a mother trying to care for her son after he became violently mentally ill. As the director writes, the film “offers a view of what some people in Mexico face, when a lack of information, support and resources leave them with no choice but to figure out a way to survive by any means necessary. The day to day lives of many Mexicans are directly tied to their socioeconomic status, and unfortunately our protagonists have been dealt a bitter hand. This documentary is a window into the pain, hurt and circumstances that led a mother to lock her son in a room in the backyard of the family’s house.”

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