A roundup of the biggest stories making headlines in politics this week

A roundup of the biggest stories making headlines in politics this week
A roundup of the biggest stories making headlines in politics this week
Thank you for joining us. President Trump is showing no signs of letting up in his War Awards against the so-called squat the president tweeted Sunday. He does not believe the four Democratic Congress women are quote capable of loving our country and should apologize to America. For the past week, the president has engaged in a back-and-forth with rubber. It is Alexandria, ocasio-cortez of New York, ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida tlaib of Michigan. It began last week when the president tweeted that the progressive Congress should back to where they came from it escalated at a campaign rally Wednesday with Trump supporters chanting send her back. They were believed to be referring to representative Omar, an American citizen who was born in Somalia, the others Congress women were all born in the United States. A CBS News poll released Sunday finds a majority of Americans at 59 %. Disagree with the president’s remarks on Twitter and 48 % describe the presidents tweets as racist President Trump’s ongoing feud with the so-called SWAT Squad was a main topic of discussion on the Sunday morning shows hear some of what you may have missed. I believe he is in. Yes, no doubt about it, then, and I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I got to tell you, George, let me say about what he said to these young ladies Amelie, trying to bring Excellence to government and trying to make sure that Generations. Yet unborn have an opportunity to experience a true democracy. I said this is a guy who is worse than a racist he’s actually using racist, tropes and racial language for political gain. He’S trying to use it as a weapon to divide our nation against itself. Element of the president’s philosophy. Is America first saying that America needs to improve to get closer to an America first ideal, as the president did as a candidate, criticizing Obama criticizing our trade deals? Are foreign immigration policies same as representative ocasio-cortez illegal immigrants than Americans is fundamentally, this is not about gender. It’S not about religion, these members of the House of Representatives more – it’s not just these, for it’s also, some of the candidates running for president on the Democratic side. We’Re here to discuss the week in politics is Julia Manchester. She is a reporter for the hill Julia thanks for being with us. We saw on that CBS News poll. Majority of Americans disagree with President Trump’s tweets about these congresswomen or her the president to continue the attacks against them and started stop into this Democratic and fighting his at the time we there was quite a bit of infighting between acacio, Cortes and the rest of the So-Called Squad and house Speaker Nancy Pelosi, however, that completely blew back in his face and now very very much against President Trump, and I think President Trump might have thought this would be a way to Rally up his base. We know he does that quite a bit with the topic of immigration. The problem is that send her back chance had so much backlash against him. You thought you know what house republicans in Congress really scrambling to try to explain that or try to distance themselves from that narrative. So it puts President Trump in a very bad position going into 2020, because this will be another kind of rally Crossing really asking late. I guess their disdain for President Trump and could unite them and potentially could result in higher voter turnout. I don’t know if it’s really enough to drive out Republicans, you might, or Republicans or republican-leaning Independence agree with President Trump on strategy, but are frustrated with this. Constant negativity coming out of Washington seems to think this is messages between Governor Ricardo, rossello and his top aides. Have sparked outrage and calls for him to resign and number of Democratic presidential candidates have joined those calls. Why are they jumping on board? Very much of it has become very, very much a part of the political conversation, especially under the Trump Administration. I think that really started with hurricane Maria we’ve hurt more on talks about potential statehood, that Ricardo Rocio is very involved in in politics and has been a bit of a gone back and forth with President Trump we’ve also seen the San Juan mayor go back and Forth with President Trump, but I think they’re, really, these candidates are trying to the downslide corruption that appears to be going on Puerto Rico. When are really standing with Puerto Ricans. Who are you know in fact American and they’re just staying for their governor, and I would say that a lot of those week text messages from that group chat, needs very sexist, violent things, joking about shooting the mayor of San Juan, and that’s just you know. I would say: that’s a pretty unacceptable, so I think this is been trying to really connect with Puerto Rican voters, because there are stronger ties, I would say, between the US and Puerto Rico. Writing clearly, there’s such a depth of feeling right now is this picture that we just showed from the Puerto Rican people themselves against their governor right now overseas. Meantime, tensions continue to escalate in the Strait of Hormuz, where a Ron’s revolutionary guards seized a British oil tanker on Friday, a new audio recording released Sunday captured the moments leading up to the seizure. Let’S listen to that 6 0 degrees immediately, / 6 Empire the Waterway. As the Iranians demand, The Vessel change its course Julia. Is there any sense? The Trump Administration could launch some sort of retaliation, move Terry of State Mike Pompeo say that and on during his trip to Argentina this week, and I thank you.. Obviously the US will stand with the UK on this I mean this is very much. You know. Aggressive move against the Western world as a whole tensions are increasingly Rising. I think the Trump Administration needs to be careful When approaching the situation, because it’s obviously very volatile. We know that Justin months ago, President Trump is considering launching that major strike on a run military military base or area, and then he called it off last minute because there was too much of a risk of loss of life there. But I think this is something the Trump Administration is definitely keeping an eye on, because I would say that American presence in the can definitely be pulled into this. Is Britain the British have been pulled into this tension, certainly escalating. Let’S switch gears and talk about it’s Senator Harris criticize Joe Biden, civil rights record. The last time the two went head-to-head in you wrote about the rematch. What do you think we can expect yeah? I think it’s so interesting to set up all the July 31st age because he have Joe Biden it’s between Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, both of whom have gone after comments or policies from Joe Biden has made. When it comes to civil rights. We saw that went the comments of Joe Biden talking about his work relationship of segregation, all Senators Cory Booker was really one of the first Democratic candidates to come out in force against that, and obviously Kamala Harris has come out in force against his own policy on Busting and she is really seen quite a bit of return van fundraising – she got a fundraising bump after that debate night and she also saw her something herself rising in the pole. So I think inviting will definitely be the Target on this night for Harris and Booker, because Booker has, he know, he’s considered mid-tier candidate, so he’s trying to really get a breakout moment at this point, but I thought I was so interesting. Elaine also looking at the bank above the two stages, because on Night 2, with Harris and Booker, it seems like it’s much more of a diverse State versus it’ll, be interesting to see how that really affects like talking talks about policy, especially racially-charged new cycle honey. Tonight, all right, Julia Manchester, Julia thanks. So much appreciate it. Thank you.
From the president’s latest Twitter feud to rising tensions with Iran, this was certainly a busy week for politics. The Hill’s political reporter, Julia Manchester, joins CBSN to break down the biggest stories making headlines.

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