A tour of Syria – with the Russian military – BBC News

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A tour of Syria – with the Russian military – BBC News
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will the tour of Syria organized by the Russian military and as we drive through the country even see the destruction Rancho returning to normal so. I’m Russian guy to put us to this Transformer and Cable Factory and she’ll Drive North of Damascus and we’ve been told her that Syrian rebels Rebels being pushed out of the factory it’s working again from people in the area we told to that it’s another example of this country returning to Peaceful life just look at what we can do with Sissy and hear the center but there wasn’t a single building to a shell and yet the middle of this destruction but now we’ve been brought to the town of Ruston just in time to see the Russian medal she handing out humanitarian Aid wants to show us Terry role in Syria as well as the important military role that most guys played in putting president last night on the road to Victory none of this means that the war in Syria is over attention is focused sleep in the north of the country which is the last major Rebel stronghold as for Moscow Russian diplomacy what happens next in Syria because Russia has become the big Power broker in this region show me country players in the region from the wrong to Israel from Turkey to Syria and to do deals with them
The BBC’s Steve Rosenberg reports from a tour of Syria organised by the Russian military, who are keen to show that life is gradually returning to normal. Syria’s civil war isn’t over, but Russia has played an important role in putting President Bashar al-Assad on the road to victory.
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