A Video of Teenagers and a Native American Man Went Viral. Here’s What Happened. | NYT News

A Video of Teenagers and a Native American Man Went Viral. Here’s What Happened. | NYT News
This image of a teen staring down a Native American man went viral additional videos posted online and obtained by the times, help show what happened. On Friday January 18th, a group participating in the Indigenous peoples March gathered at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. In this footage, we see Nathan, Phillips the Native American man who has seen drumming in the clip. That’S read online here he was standing after the March. I concluded just right near by five man who identifies Hebrew. Israelites are preaching. They are shouting inflammatory and derogatory comments at the Native American depreciation is passing by. Meanwhile, a group of high school students is also gathering at the Lincoln Memorial. It was a meeting spot after attending the March for Life. An annual anti-abortion rally, self-described Hebrew Israelites start to shout at the students. 1 takes off his shirt Donald Trump. At this point we see Philips approaching the students playing a ceremonial drum. He later said he was trying to Defuse The Situation between both groups. He walks to the middle of the crowd. Some students make the tomahawk chop adjuster, that’s considered defensive. Now. Here’S Nicholas Sandman the teen, also caught in the viral video Phillips and Sandman, stand in front of each other for several minutes. There’S yet another back-and-forth this time with a Native American activist and the students, the whole interaction between Phillips and the students. Last for about 10 minutes by now the crowd is dispersed. Sandman gestures to a friend later he steps Out Phillips, tries to talk to the crowd.
A close look at the videos that have emerged paints a more complete picture of what happened on Jan. 18 — and how an unlikely convergence of Americans became such a firestorm.

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