ABC News Live: Manafort’s trial begins, California wildfires, Trump rallies in Tampa

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ABC News Live: Manafort’s trial begins, California wildfires, Trump rallies in Tampa
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hey there I’m at Macy’s Ariel Rush at ABC News headquarters in New York thanks for doing ABC News live on this Tuesday let’s get to some of the top stories were falling for you first are fire turning deadly in California at his historic we have our team spread out in the region also Paul manafort’s first day in court what this means for Bob Mueller’s investigation but first let’s take a look at your headlines Darnell suing posting blueprints online that could be used to create guns using 3D printers the former Personnel Chief at FEMA is now under investigation accused of creating what’s being called and atmosphere of harassment Corey Coleman allegedly carried on relationships with workers and gave preferential treatment to his fraternity Brothers Police in Iowa are said to give an update soon on the search for a University of Iowa student missing 4 days here’s ABC Brian burrow we noted this point investigators have interviewed hundreds of people search numerous buildings in fields including a hog farm Authority spent the weekend searching her father Rob Tibbetts holding out hope that someone in the small town of Brooklyn Iowa has seen his 20 roll Daughter Molly we just need people to think there’s somebody know something and they don’t even know it’s important give it to his been missing since going for a jog July 18th at the time she was dog sitting at her boyfriend’s house I just want to a second lawsuit is now in the works after the deadly duck boat accident near Branson Missouri Family of two of the 17 victim is suing the duck boat operator 420 billion dollars after Alan Alda now says he has Parkinson’s disease he’s announcing this morning but he was first diagnosed about 3 years ago Harley-Davidson now says it will add an electric cycle next year it’s called the Livewire and Harley says it will be the first of several electric bikes the company will roll out over the next few years and we begin here with a deadly car fire now pushing West torching more than 100000 Acres there in California we have John Bartell former ABC News affiliate kxtv live now on the ground and John a devastating scene behind you and you’ve witnessed some of the destruction firsthand we’ve been here for several days now and this specific area we are at the lake Lake Estates take a look around here this entire area has really been hit very hard by the car fire at if you take a look around these are multiple multiple homes hit hard and extreme amount of evacuees have not been able to come into this area and other reason is as they’re concerned about utilities still that are active here but I want to show you really quickly if we come over here this aluminum real right here this is the melted metal from that aluminum wheel so that just gives you a little bit of an idea of just how hot things are getting here in this in this location oh yeah so actually wait they’ve been making some ground right now as of this morning it’s 27% contained in and then that’s a great leap from from previous day’s right now so they are making would have had way and it is it is going further away from the more populated areas yeah not only that they’re there is been 19 people still missing at this point there is at least 6 confirmed dead at this point so there is there still a lot of cleanup efforts happens and a lot of recovery efforts as well will John Bartell thank you so much for sharing some of your time we know and local news it’s the busy time and a devastating scene they’re behind you we appreciate it take care stay safe and we also go out now to ABC’s work has been on the ground there and reading in a different location Pana destructive wildfires in history of the state of a firefighters are telling me that this is actually really The New Normal they really consider it there worst nightmare at this point because these fires are big and they destroy everything in their path are powerful and mean so when you look back I mean it’s neighborhood after neighborhood but looks like this is totally flatten bicycles they’re little bit hard to recognize as they’re starting to let people back in their homes here in reading so many people are coming home to scenes just like this one where they won’t be able to leave with any you’ll have to completely bulldoze and rebuild but I tell you what these are the people that really consider themselves lucky because they made it out alive and they have their family members and their pets because getting out of these areas was not easy when this fire rolled through firefighters at that point weren’t battling at all they were trying to do is save lives and as you know this Wildfire has been deadly and it has been tragic for this community of reading but people are so thankful firefighters and they’re just trying to hope to get back in here and rebuild their lives we have to keep in mind that destruction like this in Spanish about a hundred fifty square miles so more than a hundred thousand acres have burned have been destroyed and then is really impacting this community because the shelters are full the hotels are full and I was talking with the local police chief he also lost his home at the home that he lived in for 19 years and he took us back there today to see it and it looks similar to this it’s really just now a pile of Ash got two little kids right there 14 I guess I’m not that little they’re 14 and 17 both in high school but they’re getting ready to start school here again and there’s so many like them that they’re going to start school really without a place to call home so this community has a lot of rebuilding to do but they’re really coming together on everywhere you drive around tiny see signs that say thank you firefighters and we also saw a little girl she’s 2 years old breakfast burritos to the firefighters he has two uncles and a grandfather for help fighting this fire so while we know this battle is long is going to continue for months because really we haven’t hit Peak fire season yet in California we’re still a month or two away from that so we have a long way to go before this is over and firefighters say that when they see something like this it really changes how they will fight fires in the future Ariel I bet it will thank you so much for your reporting there are so many First Responders themselves affected by that deadly fire we will continue to track it but now it’s crazy weather this Summer that still part of the country Marciano has the latest hello Ariel lot of action in the west Monsoon kicking up these pictures out of the Phoenix area big-time win their toppling a palm tree you don’t see this everyday because they can typically withstand host and hurricane and that’s what they had yesterday 74 mile per hour winds are also kicking up the dust call the Dust Away in the minor league ball field are in Goodyear Red’s Padres had to shut it down for a Time visibility a quarter mile Monsoon but mostly down to the south and east at the fires I was not going to get much in the way of moisture maybe a little cooler across the Northwest and Western valleys but other than that that’s still very very hot triple-digit heat for reading in in the fire zones in Northern California waterspout check this out and loss off the coast of Virginia Beach yesterday and we’re looking to look for probably more of this cuz it’s the pallet setting up is kind of trophy much like we had last week where things will be slow to move in the East and the flash flood watch post it for Northern Georgia including Atlanta Charlotte Greenville as well getting the parts of Western Virginia so there’s your pattern and a big tropical moisture feed the Big Louie’s kind of blocking thing so some areas I got flooded last week will be susceptible to flooding again this week although focal point might be a little farther south either way no picnic for two 6in of rainfall potentially with this the next one coming out and on top of that it’s going to be very humid here in the East very bad hair day the first day in court for former Trump campaign chairman Paul manafort some big implications in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation ABC’s Keira Phillip joins us now from outside the courtroom and Kara a lot to break down here but we do that’s right before I get to that just want a kind of set the scene for you Ariel I mean about an hour ago there were a lot of onlookers there was a huge crowd that was gathered just outside the courtroom but as soon as we heard and everybody heard that Paul manafort had arrived and it was inside the courtroom everybody moved in and things sort of calm down for now how about an hour and 10 minutes ago and really this is the first aerial public glimpse into with Trump and Russia talking about collusion but that’s not what this this is a white-collar crimes stumbled upon the charges this is have to say as a trial moves forward back to your point yes we just actually got the information with regard to jury selection which is what has been going on 65 33 women 32 men predominately 16 will be selected and so no texting no phone calls so that every 15 minutes you will see one of our fabulous patient is possible from inside the courtroom because this is about bank and tax fraud and Paul manafort something days campaign chairman at a very crucial time during the election what’s the rush was looking into possible collusion he found out about metaphors background with Ukrainian politicians could be more than 60 million dollars were talking about that that metaphor it has taken and Ukrainian there’s a clear difference for fog so they understand I certainly probably not because this was a straight out of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and he had beach front properties he had a beautiful putting green in the back one of his homes in the Hamptons luxury cars He shopped at the house of Bijan which is very exclusive a very exclusive shopping Beverly Hills watches and accessories in and nice clothes I mean he was spending money so you put somebody like that on the stand is going to be pretty hard to find a juror that sympathetic to his lifestyle and his cause and and Kyra eventually be pardoned by President Trump is that something he might be holding out for that that’s a good question there is talk about that because this is the first American to decide to have a trial instead of cutting a plea deal Michael Flynn cut a deal did not you said no let’s let’s go to trial so either he totally believes that he has done nothing wrong or a sitting back hoping that tells the president William a party it’ll be interesting to see Karen Phillips there outside the court had his first day in court thank you so much for sharing some of your time and thanks to those pays running back and forth getting you the information now to the tensions with North Korea information courses comes on the heels of President Trump’s Summit with Kim Jong on ABC’s Karen Travers is at the White House and Karen how troubling is this news for those there in Washington well you know we heard the president after that Summit with Kim Jong are y’all remember he said that the threat from North Korea the nuclear threat is over will now we’re hearing that us spy agencies I have obtained images in recent weeks it show that the North Koreans are possibly go ballistic missile at a facility outside Pyongyang this would be very troubling to officials here in Washington Secretary of State he needed to create a nuclear warhead but Ariel just yesterday president Trump was pointing to the fact that since he had that meeting with North Korea since he had that commitment signed with Kim Jeong Hoon they haven’t fired any Rockets back in there been a lot of positive steps but certainly the new evidence shows that the North Koreans are not living up to the commitment that Kim jeong-hoon AIDS president Trump in Singapore last month the president vote has not weighed in yet with any every action will see if he tries to spend this on that just yet but it’s about about collusion Prime and then he quickly as often does that about the ongoing Russia probe by the special counsel Robert Mueller he didn’t clued accept the Democrats colluded so kind of three different fonts there but Ariel it seems to be at perhaps a new line of defense because the president was echoing something his lawyer Rudy Giuliani has been saying in recent days Christy saying yes collusion is not a crime that is technically true or smart colleagues who follow all of this at the Justice Department’s a conspiracy is a crime collusion is not in the federal criminal code but the conspiracy would be at any series of crimes defraud in the United States committing Espionage things like that so there are things that the Russia probe would be looking into but he’s also notable that while you have the president saying time we went back and looked at some of his tweets he has certainly said that the Democrats included with Russia Hillary Clinton is colluded with Russia and his view legal and that’s something that Robert Mueller should be investigating so I think the and a conclusion collusion is illegal when somebody else is doing it but the President says he didn’t do any cooling well we will certainly wait to see what the end result of special counsel Robert Mueller investigation will heal thank you so much shooting of a very well-known doctor in the Houston area that doctor a cardiologist for a former president ABC’s Marcus more joins us now in Marcus you have been following the latest developments in this really tragic and stunning case what is what are police say Ariel good morning a good morning to you police have actually just release this week new video of the suspect the alleged gunman in this case who they say seem to follow dr. Mark house connect on Friday July and ended up shooting dr. how can I cuz he was riding his bike to the work that morning and it happened at about the same time of day around 9 in the morning with many people are headed to work or out exercising or may also be on sickle and soap to see someone on a bike or in this case the suspect riding a bicycle with a full backpack on his back and in shorts and a cap that’s not something that would raise any level above suspicion or concern for people and this happened to dr. Mark house connect a prominent and well-known cardiologist was riding his bike to work at a hospital they’re out where he worked in Houston and what significant about that Ariel is that this happened not only during a number of people are out it’s very busy people headed to work but also an intersection where there were a number of witnesses and back we have seen throughout this entire investigation dash cam video that’s been released by police officers including up video from a bus city bus that was driving by at the time and Captain not only mr. house connect but also the suspect in this case riding that bike and is also various surveillance pictures that have been released but this morning the prime suspect in this Brazen crime is still on the loose and the community in Houston is on it we might have the sketches of this suspect and we may have seen some surveillance video at this point but really are there any leads Ariel other than that that video and the pictures that police have released publicly goals of may be critical as they try to track down this person and also residence neighbors of mr. house connect they have been doing what they can to try to Aid investigators in their search for clues in fact after this this murder happened about a dozen residents went out into the neighborhood and start a canvassing of the area going door-to-door with Flyers asking anyone to look at their surveillance cameras at their homes but also try to jog their memory on what they may have seen if they were out that if there was anything that they think might be germane to this and could help investigators if they try to crack this case with Ariel as far as we know publicly at this point there is no hard piece of evidence of helping police a crack this case in there charging the public to come forward with any information that could help him going to the hospital where he and treated so many patients Marcus thank you so much for staying on this story for us and we’ll check back in with you I appreciate it police are releasing this and saying officers will not be charged anything else president mentioned joining us now and you’ve been following this Alex what do police say happened that night hey there Ariel yes this is a story that a lot of people here in Minneapolis and across the country are talking about right now for someone tell you where I’m at take a look this is the Hennepin County Government Center you can see the sign they’re huge huge building this is where the prosecutor prosecutor Mike Freeman has his offices and he went the other way you can see there’s like a huge Plaza here family members of Thurmond Blevins and protesters are expected to have a protested demonstration later today but let me backtrack a little bit and try to bring us up to speed let you know how we got here this all started back on June 23rd to two officers were responding to a 911 call of someone that shooting their gun into the ground and into the air when officers arrived they saw I suspect Thurman Blevins match that description they confronted him he apparently they say had a handgun a loaded handgun with him they tried to get him to cooperate he started running let’s take a listen to some of that body cam video on healthy unfolded in that moment it just a warning it might be disturbing for some people to watch let’s take a listen so as you see there those officers were trying to get Blevins to cooperate they tell him to stop running he continues running not want to show you another portion of that video and image that authorities have enhanced and released a red circle in that circles you can see the handgun that Blevins had in his waistband they say authorities that he was turning around as he was running turning around with it handgun give his hand trying to face those officers who were chasing him it’s at that point that those officers been opened fire 14 shots are fired four of them striking Levin’s he is killed in that shooting and that’s where the family says that’s what they disagree they believe this is not have to end in a fatality they believe officers could have handled it differently but the prosecutor here Mike Freeman he looked at all that video and he has not announced his decision and he says those two officers they acted within their he says visitors shooting was justified he says the officers felt their lives were being threatened because the suspect Blevins in this case was not listening to them of course that is where the controversy stands right now family members in Deming Raiders disagree with the prosecutor but the prosecutor says he’s following the law and right now given the evidence those officers will not be charged Ariel in a little bit later today much more to come on this very sad and difficult story to cover thank you so much and that does it for ABC News live on this Tuesday thank you so much for joining us for the very latest 10 to World News Tonight with David Muir you can also download the ABC News app and we’re always there for you at ABC have a great Tuesday
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