ABC News Live: Wildfires, Trump’s threat, Les Moonves accusations

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ABC News Live: Wildfires, Trump’s threat, Les Moonves accusations
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there is a little bit of progress to report in the deadly wildfires that have been burning in Northern California on them of our affiliate KGO is there in Redding California which has been Ground Zero for some of the worst of it and you can see behind for the toll that these fires have taken Dion thank you so much for joining us we have heard now that the fire is 20% contained but when you look behind you what is that even mean doesn’t sound like a lot but compared to over the weekend we were at containment of just about 5% take a look around me this is one of the hardest hit areas were about 15 minutes or so north west of downtown and you can try and make out the layout of this home this appears to be what’s left of the garage along with perhaps some grills in a water tank the fireplace something that is so interesting with this fire because firefighters have been battling those high winds mixed with the heat are the Flames are going to strike I’ve been unscathed I mean once I see the bushes are bright and green flowering and then on the other side round and charred something interesting to go along with the high winds that were experiencing it’s our calling this a phenomenon you may have seen the video is pretty remarkable a fire NATO and it is just like what you would imagine it to be a fire tornado and as a result this is a very common seen here in Reading at it is exactly why apocalyptic seen even if your home is left standing could you imagine coming home and then looking at your neighbor’s house and and seeing complete Devastation how people holding up great question because I’ve been at many evacuation shelters people who have been evacuated from homes that look like this so up on the hill that are just a shell and then people because you see the devastation everywhere you turn and because we’re talking about some 40,000 evacuees the Emergency Shelters are maybe not at capacity but do not have the resources to a comedy all of these people so day-by-day just yesterday I spoke with you Red Cross evacuation Center and they told me that they’re opening new shelters day-by-day and really trying to get as many people housed as possible so they do not have to be in conditions like this Vivid images behind you are thanks to you Dion Lim with our affiliate KGO out of San Francisco from Redding California ABC’s Kayna Whitworth is also there with more on these deadly fires and the they’ve taken on lives in early exhausted they’re working 24-hour shifts many of them for days on end some firefighters were actually out fighting the Ferguson Fire we’re directly sent here to the car other First Responders losing their own homes I spoke with a firefighter yesterday who was out on the fire lines while his home burned down and this is the destruction that you’re seeing here behind me so imagine the fire racing down that Hill back there and just torching everything inside I mean it’s reducing these homes to ask this is the roof and it’s just it’s turned into asked if you walk this way I mean you can see that’s the front door of this family’s home and coming further in you can get better idea of what this destruction looks like swimming this is three separate homes here that have just been got it but destruction like this I mean it carries on 450 square miles because 5000 it has destroyed more than 600 homes and damaged others. As you know turned deadly six people have been killed but the sheriff’s office is telling us they have seven people right now that have been reported missing that they’re currently for the firefighters while they call this unprecedented and a worst-case scenario I mean they’ve never seen fire Behavior quite like this they’re also morning as they battle this fire so we’re expecting at temperatures above 100 degrees again in Redding today a little bit of good news though is that they have this fire at 17% containment errands so they’re really hoping that they can try and get a handle on this thing Redding California that’s where would have 17 wildfires are burning in the state and as we hope for better conditions we get the reality on the forecast from our senior meteorologist Rob Marciano now back from the fire zone the scenes in the story from there are just horrific and some of the conditions are just horrifying as well that the firefighters are having to deal with number of fire engines fire departments are coming converging from across not just the state but the entire West and this is one cup they got out there in the middle of the Flames yesterday tell you how to show you how hot it was burning and how hot it can burn it sometimes can create its own weather on window and on fire whirls or some people like to call the fire tornadoes or they’re not like a tornado but they can have when’s nearly as strong as that we sing that away look at these trees knocked down just from when that was created from the intense fire over the weekend so conditions not really improving all that much make cool down a few degrees we go through time but it’s building today in the Pacific Northwest will temperatures the 90s in places like Portland and Seattle and higher than that when you east of the Cascades and still Inland areas of California will see temperatures over 100° Easley and reading today in Bakersfield Riverside where fires continue to burn you see there may be cool degrees but it sure not going to rain so we’re looking at conditions to be continually tough to shift back to a raining and moist one and a humid one and a warm one a drop of the one with the connection down and South across the East so the next several as for these and third significant rainfall and some of these areas are still saturated from the flooding of last week’s pattern so another 2 to 4 inches in some spots active weather dry hot in the west and warm and humid in the east Rob thanks ABC senior meteorologist Rob Marciano going to turn to Washington now and bring an ABC’s Tara palmeri who’s with us from the white house because over the weekend Tara president Trump was threatening to shut down the government over his immigration policies in specifically the building of the wall what’s the latest that’s right Erin and some Republicans that I spoke to officials on the health and they were shocked and frankly confused are the president threatening to shut down because just last week at the Y Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and house Speaker Paul Ryan met with President Trump and they agreed that they would delay the boat on controversial voting measures a spending measures like funding the border wall until after the midterm elections because they don’t want to have a messy government shutdown before the midterm they see the political implications of this ability and often does through Twitter like to drop bombs in the middle of the race but this cannot be music too many republican who’s running my friend in the midterms that did this to her I know yesterday there were lots of phone calls going on between Republicans on the hill and the White House trying to figure out what is the president mean is he not sticking to his word listening to the president’s legal team try and come up with a coherent strategy to deal with Michael Cohen to deal with the Mueller investigation even as they tried it to to govern policy and over the weekend Rudy Giuliani the president attorney send it this weekend he actually told me that they ended their joint legal defense agreement meaning they’re not sharing information anymore and most importantly the Trump campaign won’t be covering going legal bills and as we know we’d under investigation the southern district of New York so we could probably use the phone cancel help with that but yeah it’s a big break between the two he’s called him a liar he said that he may have doctor the tape that he handed over to prosecutors there really assassinating his character right now trying to discredit him before he does any any damage but what can Michael Cohen at this point due to the president and and what is Rudy Giuliani so fearful of that he’s trying to scorched-earth type strategy for how many years I need 15 years he knows where the bodies are buried in his not his attorney has known as his fixer he’s the guy that deals with women alleging Affair that we heard from that tape where they talk about how to pay-off former Playboy bunny turned Google who claim the chin affair with President Trump he’s been the one who fixes the problems that come through they say this is typical for high-net-worth individuals have people coming forward you know threatening them with information but Michael Cohen has been there side-by-side for decade knows a lot and that we report we claim that we reported that he claims the presidential knew about the Trump Tower meeting this is a crucial piece of evidence if true tooth & Nail is there any sense that you’re getting no Terror that that Michael Cohen is prepared to to pipe down to stay quiet he take the present he was done knowing about it I mean the Trump legal team allowed them to be released but I don’t think this is the end of Michael Cohen story we don’t know actually he’s agreed to cooperate with prosecutors but he certainly dropping hints that he has information and he’s worthy of speaking to us from the White House Tara are thanks to you we’re going to turn up to New York City now where the board of CVS is now behind closed doors trying to figure out whether Les moonves can can can you to be in control of the company after he was accused by Six Women of sexual misconduct ABC’s Eva Pilgrim Is With Us from Manhattan at not far from the CVS corporate headquarters what is this board discussing evil the board is actually on a conference call and they are discussing whether or not it is a good idea this point for Les moonves to step aside as they investigate these claims of sexual misconduct against measurements and there were six women that have come forward New Yorker magazine expose that was released details their allegations and it ranges from unwanted kissing to sexual assault not Ronan Farrow the journalist who wrote that article spoke to us this morning about why those women decided unforward the goals of these women coming forward both the six with allegations about Mr moonves and also dozens more talking about a culture of abuse across cbs’s different divisions take people down the goal here was to expose stories that have been buried for a long time and in his article he does take it even further about the culture there at CVS and several other people coming for his hearing their stories as well nhamunda saying in his statement I always understood and respected and a guided by the principle that no means no and I have never miss you my position to harm or hinder any one’s career the CVS board thing they will fully investigate these claims and will promptly review the findings and take appropriate action as we were talking about that board is supposed to have this conference call today where they that’s what they will do next they’re going to appoint a special committee to investigate these claims so we are also hearing that they are planning to do more than that also look into the culture and see if this is indeed an issue with the culture at CVS serindit interesting you say Eva because one of the most eyebrow-raising things in the New Yorker piece that wrote hurt our wrote about was not squarely focused on moonves but about the broader culture at CVS specifically CBS News that’s exactly right here in a lot of the stories that wrote and shared in the article were of people who work in the news Division 1 of the former workers talking about how a lot of the older men that worked at 60 minutes with read her by Kiss on the mouth and uncomfortable that was and there were countless stories of Sodor that same vein explaining in the Articles what a lot of these people were up against Board of CVS now meeting to determine whether Les moonves can continue to be in control of CVS while I’d investigation goes on for more on all of these stories you can download the ABC News app check it out on for now I’m Aaron katersky thanks for watching ABC News live
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