ABC: Robert Mueller Wants To Ask President Trump About Obstruction Of Justice | Hardball | MSNBC

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ABC: Robert Mueller Wants To Ask President Trump About Obstruction Of Justice | Hardball | MSNBC
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ABC News is reporting tonight that this comes after the special counsel’s prosecutors told Trump slur that the limit their questions for the present but still want to ask him about obstruction of justice according to ABC’s report it was that news the trigger this morning and said somebody else should end the investigation the Press has repeatedly stop sure trying to do some self as we know when is Rudy Giuliani said today Trump already believes he has I ordered Motors firing last December crazy our times but relented when is Whitehouse counsel threatened to resign for that so what the present really believes he can fire Mali and thinks it’s Anna Lynch legitimate investigation why does need do so dumb steps to report at the Washington Post and Seth Waxman former Federal prosecutor about this this thing that’s going on get rid of it and then somebody comes out later his I guess lawyer spokesman opinion it seems to me either is saying once the guy fired and he means it or he doesn’t mean it and what is he doing he’s going after the credibility of Robert Mullen the entire investigation and he’s not pulling the trigger he’s just attacking an attacking over and over again because he knows the reports coming he knows he needs to make a decision on the presidential interview the mall if he really believes that the pro by the federal government if he believes that he should have terminated does he believe that he would like to base conversation ended but he want the reaction after Helsinki that disaster Summit where I’ve been there was bipartisan condemnation and he knows that this would be politically disastrous for him especially as Bob said I had of the midterm elections and that’s what he’s worried about he’s afraid they got him they got him on instruction they got him over and over and over again I’m struction I don’t think he believed that in his heart of hearts he’s out there saying this is a hoax this is a witch and I think he thinks it is it legitimate the reason why he’s not getting rid of it is because he the special prosecutor rules regulation say that it’s only the Attorney General what is 30 as a legal now so we have elections in this country we came down this path once before in 1973 when Archibald Cox was fired a DC federal judge here how to reset her that filed an injunction in that judge found at the termination of Archibald Cox was illegal addition when they tried to disband the entire special counsel’s office that same day picked it up and ran in the civil lawsuit don’t believe this is a legitimate and he has the power to get rid of this guy because he is suggested as a dark deep State out there it’s a dangerous group of people that should be stopped if he really believes that was here do about it while he needs someone to be in opposition to do at all times and I think he wants the ability to say that there’s a deep State out to get me and he’s the only person for the Deep state on trial in Northern Virginia has Michael Cohen is longtime lawyer in fixer a signaling he’s willing to cooperate with Federal investigators he knows his son Donald Trump Juniors under Federal scrutiny he knows the federal wondering behind-the-scenes right now was there Criminal Intent and then president’s tweet or his decision why is he scrambling quarterback why is he racing around right now making all these charges this morning before Labor Day or sometime after the election after the election but I think he also sees this whole thing coming to a head where all these people are either testifying against them or providing information and at the end of the day Paul manafort I think is playing with house money if he beats this case great he’ll fight it in DC but if you lose he can still walk into mowers office still get a deal and he can testify and provide information against Donald Trump Federal prosecutors believe that 5 years to facing him they’re not going to let him walk to say goodbye have a nice day is going to give you a 7-0 wake the presidents tweets could bolster potential obstruction case against himself and that’s made summer Trump’s lawyers uneasy quote the fact that they are scrutinizing his actions under a section of the United States code entitled tampering with a witness victim informant insurance for his lawyers up mr. tramps exposure investigation ever-ready Johnny says that what the president tweets cannot be evidence of obstruction that’s really talking but here he is now we have obstructed by tweet by the way I’m always been impressed by but lately it’s just cute I mean there’s no saying that nothing in the code about colors yeah but there is something called a conspiracy and advancing conspiracy change the words a little bit in here in trouble Richmond run by twins I don’t stop now brother is just like anything else anything that comes out of a defendant or Target or subjects mouth whether it’s an email a tweet a text message or an oral statement is evident if someone says I’m going to go kill person be tomorrow on a tweet and that person ends up dead you sure no prosecutors are going to be holding up that tweets and look what he said just yesterday so the idea that is somehow just cute and can’t constitute evidence there is a file somewhere tweet master who every time there’s a new tweet they put another tab in their file and say this is Robert spent most of the morning watching television up in the residence watching television thinking through his tweet it’s him tweeting on his own and he watches the matter the often with the president style it’s with a so-called witch-hunt his words talking about the Mueller investigation and then they’ll be a series of tweets not just one or two subscribe just below me or click over on this list and see lots of other great videos
ABC News is reporting that the Special Counsel’s prosecutors told Trump’s lawyers that they’ll limit their questions for the President, but still want to question him about obstruction of Justice.
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ABC: Robert Mueller Wants To Ask President Trump About Obstruction Of Justice | Hardball | MSNBC

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