Abhinandan: Crowds gather for Indian pilot’s release – BBC News

Abhinandan: Crowds gather for Indian pilot’s release – BBC News
Abhinandan: Crowds gather for Indian pilot’s release – BBC News
2B Wonka border crossing, where we are expecting to see the release of the Indian pilot and investment who is apparently going through Pakistan. They would release him today and Pakistan shut down Indian playing on Wednesday. It was great to spell captured what is released by the Pakistani, showing his face. Bloodied he’s been attacked by a mob on the ground when he was picked up and then he was shown again and for the physician drinking tea and Frankenstein has returned to India. To be seen as a gesture of Peace other than India saying he will be released, but active in Kashmir and the base in Pakistan and sponsored by Pakistan on the Indian side of the back of costume. You can see public class waiting to see this release. What will happen to him, because he, first and foremost that they will be conducting a debriefing session with them? They have to do a medical check-up. Then they need to have a detailed chat about what exactly happened. The circumstances leading to is that fast crashing into the Pakistani side and then subsequently how he was captured and how he was treated. So they will be a very lengthy debriefing procedure and, of course, they will also carry out the details, medical checkup. He was at tajdar whether you were subjected to any kind of pressure under the custody of Pakistan before it would be allowed to see his family at what we understand. This is parents are now in the Deli and they are waiting for further instructions from the Indian authorities. So I once the formalities are completed at the Baga border between India and Pakistan. He will be brought to Delhi to see his family and the time newspaper start reporting that they might be a press conference even here in Delhi.
Crowds of Indians are gathering near a border crossing with Pakistan ahead of the release of an Indian fighter pilot captured by Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan said the pilot would be released as a “peace gesture” on Friday. India’s military welcomed the move.

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman’s plane was shot down in the disputed region of Kashmir on Wednesday.

Both countries are under pressure to calm tensions.

On Friday Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the events of the past few days had “brought our nation closer”.

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