Accused Russian spy speaks out from prison

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Accused Russian spy speaks out from prison
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Accused Russian spy speaks out from prison
Wedding party, for the first time, the alleged Russian spy and gun advocate Maria butina is speaking out and firing back saying. If she had really been a Russian agent, she would have been the worst one imaginable person on Earth, instead of being an unlawful unregistered agent. For a foreign government says she was unfair, accused of trading sex to get political access on a misinterpretation of her text messages. What government lawyers did imply in court papers? They believed she was using her boyfriend Republican operative Paul Erickson to further her objectives. Erickson seen here, singing beauty and the beast with boots, not in a recording studio recently, was indicted on unrelated charges of money laundering and wire fraud. His lawyer says his full story hasn’t yet come out boots and I speaking author of several books on intelligence, who wrote an article on her in the new edition of the new Republic magazine in audio clips of those interviews which Bamford shared with CNN butina, talked of Being surprised by apartment last year, a couple of months before her arrest in the interviews conducted before and after her arrest Hooten, I emphatically denies she was a spot Bamford notes. She was never charged with Espionage, the Lesser charge she pleaded to included admitting she tried to infiltrate Republican political Circle and influence relations with Russia through her inroads with the National Rifle Association and other groups, but boots and a has claimed she did that simply to improve Us Russian relations and because she wanted to expand gun rights in Russia, Bamford sides with Putin, saying I believe she did anything covert. As for the prosecutors claim that Bhutan of work at the direction of Alexander torshin, a Russian Banker with ties to Vladimir Putin, the facts show that she was not a spy and that she was never paid her directed by the Russian government. She didn’t work for torsion torsion, couldn’t tell her what to do. He can fire her. He couldn’t reassign her. You couldn’t the mode her, but prosecutors update torsion on her efforts to meet influential publicans Former Intelligence Officers. Tell CNN, they don’t believe boot into was a trained spy on the Russian government payroll, but they say that doesn’t mean she wasn’t cultivated by the Russians to give them sensitive information, the FBI, I’d investigation. We have serious emails between her and her Russian Handler. We have Twitter Communications, they got her phone records and many of those emails to her as a Russian intelligence operative Bill, James Bay, we believe the prosecution of Maria butina was unfair and motivated by politics and the desire for publicity. A spokesman for the US attorney’s office said because the case is still pending and boutonnieres awaiting sentencing. They would not comment on those remarks by James Bama.
In audio tapes from and interview with alleged Russian spy Maria Butina, the gun activist shares she’s shocked at how she’s been treated in the US and denies being a spy. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.

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