Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan holds a press briefing

Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan holds a press briefing
Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan holds a press briefing
Good morning – and I thank you all for being here today as the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection – I’m pleased to announce the official release of CBP Southwest border migration statistics for the month of August. That I said this many times in Congress has failed and continue to fail to pass me for legislation to address the crisis at the border, which would ultimately stop children from being used as passports and in the cartels ability to exploit this population. As well as our laws, the Trump Administration has taken a number of unilateral actions, unprecedented action they’re going to discuss today, but first, let’s discuss the results of administrations and credible app during the month of August CBP apprehended for Dean, fitting miscible a total of 64000 individual For July, through call that number was just over 82,000, which represents a decline 22 % more over the August numbers reflected. This is critical. The August numbers were Flex Faith, 56 % reduction from the peak and met with your call was over a hundred and forty four thousand individuals, and why? Why do we see in 90 days a 56 % reduction? The president has made it very clear that he’s going to use every tool available to him and this administration at the southern border. We have seen historic agreements and policies put in place by this Administration. President of network of initiatives, regulatory reform policy changes interior enforcement efforts. The list goes on and on with, this Administration has done that resulted in this 56 % decrease. Let’S talk about the government of Mexico, the government Mexico has taken meaningful an unprecedented steps to help curb the flow of illegal immigration. Tour border 134000 people. So far, this calendar year last year, 2018 calendar year the entire year – 2018. 83000. That’S a substantial increase of apprehension that the government should go has executed. In addition, since June thousands of troops, they created a new National Guard within their country 10,000 troops to the southern border, 15000 troops to the northern border, with the United States, again unprecedented support and cooperation with the government of Mexico. But what I’m going to tell you and I’m going to go into a little bit more with the government. I need to do more and I’ll talk about that in a second, the international Outreach to the governments of Central American countries that is also beginning to yield, effective and positive result, particularly the app to stem The Surge of illegal migrants crossing the Southwest border and to Disrupt alien smuggling organizations additionally, these the northern triangle countries specifically along with State as true partners for the first time they really are seeing this as a true Regional Crisis that needs continuing coordination. Cooperation effort that this is not just a United States problem that this is a region crisis that need Regional support and Regional Solutions. Third again – and this goes to the support of the government of Mexico – is providing the migrant protection protocol. I’M sure most of you heard MPP have also tens of thousands of individual arrival to Southwest border every month, many of them attempting to enter illegally. Historically, we talked about this. This these individuals, because of our broken Asylum log have been released into the interior, is a wait for their Asylum hearings. These proceedings can take years host of reasons a shortage of immigration judges a backlogs the list goes on. Additionally, many never stick to Bossa and never continue to go through its final stages and even when they receive a final order of removal, they still remain in the United States illegally. Those are facts under the NPP aliens who seeking Asylum admission to United States from Mexico illegally immigration proceedings in the United States. The government Mexico has agreed to provide them while they’re waiting in Mexico with appropriate humanitarian protection for the duration of their stay. Here’S a couple of key point to MPP discourages the abuse and exploitation of US law and non meritorious, are false complaint, limited resources and helps free up time of those implementing his process to devote to those migrants who may legitimately have a merit-based claim. As of September 1st of this year, 40 mm individuals to Mexico under the NPP. Let me emphasize the point that I made to a minute ago, even though Mexico has stepped up unprecedented, they have joined. What state is what was our Northern triangle triangle partners and really stepped up as true partners, and really really seeing this as a Regional Crisis, and they have stepped up an unprecedented ways? We need them to do more. We need to do more. We need to make sure that they’re sustaining the efforts right now that the National Guard, the 25,000 troops they have deployed, stay on target stay on task. We need them to continue to join and expand the MP, which is a game-changer right now, with respect to stem the flow. The Mexico needs to continue to work with our intelligence, bow to use information, share, intelligent and developed target enforcement, action and strategic locations in their country. So they are stepping up and unprecedented ways, but we need them to continue to sustain that and we need them continue to do more deterrence. President Trump is making it clear that if you come to United States of America, you will be removed. If you come here as an illegal alien in the United States, you commit crimes or you will face consequences. Commit about the border wall has little topic. That’S been in the news. President Trump has made it very clear that we will build a wall on the US. Mexico border as a CBP commissioner. Actually, what we’re doing every single day, together with the United States Army Corps of Engineers, CDP, is constructed more than 65 miles of new border wall system, and now that we have the secretary defense authority to to use the distance 3.6 billion we’re hoping to build between 450 to 500 new miles of Border by the end of 2020, but I want to make sure that that emphasize something to ask to CBP CBP. Commissioner, the border patrol field leadership. They want this wall. This is not a vanity project. This president, has delivered to the experts to the border patrol to the leadership, asked what they needed. One of the key things that they said they needed was the wall, and this is not just a right now. So wall system includes Access, Road lighting technology and when asked the leadership university has said, the Wall Works where it’s been used in the past history shown the numbers go down boxing history show that, and we’ve been saying for a very long time to experts have been Saying when was when they were asked by the president technology and personnel and where that is implemented and effective strategic location, it works, the experts say it works. The experts have asked for this and this President and this Administration has delivered and they’re going to continue to deliver. As we stated from the beginning that wall is an integral part of that multiplayer strategy and closing President Trump has used every tool available. Address humanitarian security crisis at this border, the entire DHS family, including USCIS and Ice, are working together with CBP to secure and restore Integrity to the immigration system and eyes. Commissioner, could not be more proud of the men, women of the Customs and Border Protection, for they support what they do and their steadfast. Let me summarize, by reiterated that we are absolutely encouraged by the downward trend of apprehension numbers, but we know these number could always Spike upwards. History has shown that we’ve seen it happen in the past. We cannot rely, are Central American Partners to solve the pool factors created by a broken system and less the laws change. These numbers will rise again next year, just as we’ve seen in the past, we will gain face the same kind of Crisis. We have for way too long. Congress must absolutely act to pass meaningful legislation to address and our current system, if we’re going to have a durable, lasting solution to this crisis. I’Ll take your questions, complaints of minors in US custody, and, secondly, are we giving up on this was sold the wall so that Mexico would pay for the wall? Is that going so with with with allegations of abuse? And we talked about this a lot one of one of the Spence that I did with CBP a few years ago. 2014. I actually was the acting assistant, commissioner for the internal affairs, which is now, and I can say for my personal knowledge. Every single allegation of abuse is CBP. There, multiple layers there so that DHS IG they have a take out it if it’s appropriate.. So I’m confident that I can say every single allegation is taking serious investigated thoroughly and when appropriate, appropriate disciplines utilized now, so that your second question the walls far to paying for as a commission of CDP, I don’t care that political or politicians decide. I can tell you, as a CBP Commissioner, of War capacity to do their job. That’S what I can tell you so sure is your reaction to that and a follow place. So my reaction is: I’m frustrated with what we believe legal or policy that we really believe that will address this crisis. We end up getting enjoying it’s very, very frustrating, but we’re just going to keep going, but will continue to work within the current late legal framework to dress it and here’s what should be frustrated American people, This president’s Administration we keep having to go outside the box Within the current legal framework to come up with new initiative, new policy new regulation, because this Congress won’t do their job discount, I talk to multiple people on the hill. I personally told exactly what they need to do to pass meaningful legislation that would end 85 % of this crisis. I think you could put it on one piece of paper and a half an hour and they refused to do so Great American people, personnel and finances related to the United States military. Is that making the sort of difference that you thought it would and are you sensitive to the pushback that we’ve purple the number people that play engaging the military in this particular fight is perhaps not the best use of their time in what I would say. Is it would be way outside my Lane to talk about the impacts of the Houston, Terry or the funding that really should be left up to the secretary defense impact his job to carry out his National Security Mission, but what I will say is CDP every every Truth, that’s a sign there. They are helping with the National Security crisis along the Southwest border. Everyone is helping as well has Congress continue to fail to put anything out. There listen to the floor, any meaningful legislation to the floor so as well as a team. They are trying to put together a comprehensive plan that that, hopefully get control traction dhs’s is working with that we have peace. I personally MMF having a dialogue and discussion with that. It would be great to be able to put something together, that’s meaningful that we could get by Portishead bipartisan support to actually in this crisis. I applaud his efforts, absolutely always drops. five years due to seasonal reason. We seen on average do those numbers drop about 8 % from June to July. It’S just not supported by the fact, and now, generally from July to August last year, from July to August in example, 16 % down 23 % absolute. What this President is ministration is doing. It has nothing to do with seasonal trends. Isn’T it also just as possible that the policies that are being pumped promulgated don’t comply with the law? That’S what I think you just do activism me. That’S a big thing: this country, I believe it’s a big problems, country. We can disagree on legal premises and argument. You just sell activist decisions like this. I think they’re trying to make law and seven perfect that so just match demographic. In may remember. We saw that 144000 we were range of between 65 to 70 %. Family units are unaccompanied minor and remember because we’re broken laws Decline, 57 % and 90 days. So has that demographic this month that demographic fell from 65 to 75 % to 55 % 65 miles of Border new border wall border system? When can we expect to break ground on border wall that question so because again, I think there’s a fault, never that, but it goes. No new wall has been built. I’M here to tell you as a commissioned. Cbp access don’t lie. And again, I reiterate: it’s not just a wall, it’s a wall system, integrated lighting, integrated technology and access road. If you go to those areas where there was pedestrian barriers or their old Landing mat where they could just not good with a car or cut a hole in written in second new wolves going in that the miles, so it’s not just where there was some physical Bear already there but newly remodeled, so I told you what we’re, anticipating by 20/20 about 450 to 500 100 new miles of linear wall, so good question right now, there’s a little bit of confusion out there. This is the immigration Southwest board about Muhammad goodbye. An area crisis like this like a hurricane, has its. How can we get them to United States is bad about the best decision CDP, along with the entire United States government effort to support the government of the Bahamas? Is absolutely first and foremost life and safety of individual, so we are we’ve deployed CBP. I’Ve authorized the deployment of an enormous amount of resources to Southern Florida to make sure that we can effectively receive people that are coming in from the Baha’i already we received it to a cruise ships. Thousands of other folks that we have processed up flights are coming in constantly. We’Ve deployed additional folks out to even the small airport we’re reaching out to the aviation companies operation to coordinate or coordinate with a cruise ship every single day. To make sure we can do that effectively in a timely process. What I want to be very clear, though humanitarian Aid and assistance of those versus the safety of this country, but at the process, but keep in mind there are still people that are inadmissible. This country there still people coming here that could have criminal conviction. We are going to process them and have them normally to make sure this country is sake. How the vice president is is going to meet with senior officials from the government Mexico this week to have that exact dialogue to talk through about what has been done, but still needs to be done as we we we continue to go so seasons are ongoing that The president would like the wall to be painted black and the wall. The president, the president, with this directive, making the country left steak, go into that constant communication with the general General semonite. That’S leading the Army Corps of engineer efforts, a lot of factors that go into that to include adding anti client climbing a feature to the well training. I think I think we need to strike a balance between making sure that the miles we build is the most effective wall system. We build out with respect to also the number of miles a bounce we need to strike and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Yes, ma’am, and also where specifically, is this new area of Five Mile Stretch of wall being built, the Bohemians coming in it really is dependent on the level of of reconstruction and Recovery right. So we will make that determination, as that goes on again. Our first and foremost concern them to recover and rebuild again are our first concern is, as that the safety and well-being of those. So no we we would not support returning people wear to a place where it’s not safe from the new beat to the wall against paneer, to make sure that we’re striking that balance of of our strategic needs and locations and where we can get the the most Mileage out of what we have so HIV status is being used to justify family separation at the border. We’Re going to look at first foremost, the health, safety and well-being of the child, and we will use a totality of circumstances to make that decision to determine a type of separation and that that’s a policy has been and continues to be. People swing, the Bahamas, Ferry and totally were kicked off. about the Bahamas, a lot of resources going on and in responding, there’s going to be some some confusion, and so what I will say is that’s what it was that you cannot allow anyone without documents. It’S not being., Okay, so there’s just some confusion there. We will accept anyone on humanitarian reasons that needs to come here, we’re going to process them expedited leak denied entry in the United States. I previously we’re not going to allow that person into the country to roam freely working to process them like we normally would so. Yes, ma’am will be kept between 50 to 60 days and that it won’t be indefinite. Those were your words. So, first of all, I would probably Jek to the term that they’re being held in it dangerous conditions. We would need to do a little more deeper dive. Exactly what you mean. What is history shows that history shows again. We talked about this before about which means those individual are released into the United States each year versus at detained. Docket history shows that under the Tang it takes about 40 to 60 days to get through that process and then, if you think it up from a common-sense perspective, is all the agencies that could be doing more law enforcement actions to safeguard this country. It serves nobody purpose, took to make sure and drag it out to include the immigrants that are here both on if you’re here in your claim is found to be false or fraud. What’S the term of that quickly and return you to your own country? More importantly, is is, if your claim is found to be, we use the United States safe Third Country, but yes, we are Reaching Across the aisle, just as we did with the Guatemala to come up with a Cooperative agreement to return individuals to Guatemala. Other countries. We are continuing to have those similar, a discussion for Cooperative agreement with the other countries as well and in I’ll leave that up to make the Vice President in his discussion of this week. But what I can tell you I think about this for my pragmatic standpoint. If somebody is fleeing their country because they feel that they’re being persecuted for for a list of legitimate reason, it really is in their best interest to apply for Asylum to the first country that they have entered outside of the country that they are being persecuted. That’S our design. We believe it’s in their best interest as well.. Is there a point that the National Emergency or crisis? Why does he get promoted rather than so? What let me take? The second one. First, that’s way out of my lane or my paygrade, so that the what was the first question again, I’m trying to just be honest and transparent with that from CBP hate. Look if if, if I could see around 5 the magic number, the magic number 0 right, but we have to be realistic but even same 500 same as specific number. It’S not really that easy, because here’s one thing we agree on we’ve always said from day one that children should not be in Border Patrol facilities that were designed for single adult. We said that to begin with, I would not say that that’s manageable, because we still don’t have the proper conditions in to do that providing now, which is what we should be just now, GPS status. Are you talking about simply expedited entry to the US for those who qualify? I think that would be appropriate to have that circumstance, especially dependent. I’M sure that that will be discussion will be having right. Is your agency tracking this trend and are you doing anything to lessen the rest of my breast and then a follow-up to that and I think that’s important so red the same reports. I’Ve heard the same antidotal allegations to this day. Mexico is provided nothing to the United States, corroborating Rivera find those allegation. What I would say is a mere fact that those allegations are here. This is really drive us to want to have intellectually honest conversation about the drivers of this crisis. What is at the core – and we know that – but we’re not talking about enough the cartels they start exploiting and abuse these vulnerable vulnerable population. Taking the money we’ve heard from independent sources that on this dangerous cracked, up to 33 % are abused, 33 % and once they get in in the United States, pay off the bill for taking him through a twi’lek sex slavery. Whatever that is so the exploitation it continues from day, one and MPP is doing just that MPP. This is important. Mpp won the most insignificant thing. The MPP is doing it there, telling the cartels and this vulnerable population. That game has changed. If you come here even with a kid NPP is saying: that’s done, that’s a lie! Now you can’t you’re not going to be allowed into this country. Even if you bring the kids so don’t don’t call yourself to continue get exploited, that’s what MVPs doing or individuals in their custody in your custody when we start complying with these DNA collection laws. Remember. issue has violated some Lullaby by not doing this, and that’s just factually inaccurate is that previously, I’m asking you a question if you’ll, if you allow me to write so the attorney general has has stipulated, there’s a waiver so that he’s he’s allowed the Secretary of Dhs to decide whether they want apply that waiver – and this was done under former secretary platano whole host of what I think it legitimate operational concerns and budgetary issues of why they granted that waiver. So now so I just want to make sure there’s there’s no violation of law. That’S fast forward to today need to take a look at this and we need to figure out a beautiful and thoughtful way of where we can begin to look at words appropriate to start applying at with with with Cota, and we are currently at discussion with the Hf and the Department of Justice to come up with a a meaningful, thoughtful strategy to begin that, so we don’t have a time because there’s a lot that goes into that I mean it’s, not it’s not just as simple as one day we say: okay start sending Out the kids, and do it it’s not that simple, it’s a very complicated, and this is a DHS tissue and the force Continuum of immigration processors. Multiple agencies are involved. We need to figure out where, in the Continuum it would be the most appropriate. We can talk about budgetary she’s. We got to talk about the impact of operation. We have to coordinate with the Union which perspective and I answer the question: is that we’re going to do this in a very meaningful, thoughtful way and we’re ready to actually execute it effectively? Then that’s what we’ll do it? I’M not entirely sure what you said so far. It’S going to clarify that confusion. If you’re the humming you’re trying to enter the country you’re trying to evacuate what is the Visa requirement? Are fees that are going to be to come to United States right? What do you have travel documents or not? We’Ve already allowed u.s. sits in and non US citizen, we’ve already processed people that have travel Document and don’t have travel Document or trying to do that. Most expeditious way, we can just have humanitarian Mission, but again, as I stated before, we’re still going to go through the process and if you looked at the time that process, I think the first ship that came in had over 1,400 individual. We did that ship in a couple hours right, but it was just too amazing work supposed to CDP dip, but we’re still going to do our job. We still need to process you. We still need to vet them to make sure that we’re not letting dangerous people in taking advantage of this I’ll. Give you another example: if we’ve had some individuals that brought children with them from the Bahamas who lost their mom and dad, so we need to make sure that that where they was there any nefarious activity involved, or they just do it next year, if Congress doesn’t Half people to find work around the new policies and rules. Why do you expect it to go up since I am skeptical way to be? Partners really see this as a Regional Crisis, but, as I said, we need them to do more their specific target areas that we continue to talk to that they need. I am concerned, what are the government Mexico included, be able to sustain the level of a commitment they have, but, but in addition to that, as a country, we cannot rely on other countries, no matter how great, if you think about it, just can’t be sustainable. So that’s why I stick to that that we need Congress to act. They know what to do and they felt the American people by not doing so drop back off in the Bahamas and left torso. When we see somebody I normally would even outside the humanitarian process. We will bring the emigration continue, agencies in Fallout, they can come in and they can, they can claim fear they can process. Everything will be. We will turn them over to ice ero, who will take them and then detain them appropriately and continued out with the procedure. So one more question, and also what other countries are you you haven’t talked to. It has not been ratified by the government of Guatemala, any country that that really can step up and is really a part of this immigration crisis. It really is a regional issue. Thank you.
Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan holds a press briefing at the White House. #FoxNews

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