Acting-DNI Joseph Maguire Defies Law To Hold Whistleblower Report | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Acting-DNI Joseph Maguire Defies Law To Hold Whistleblower Report | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Acting-DNI Joseph Maguire Defies Law To Hold Whistleblower Report | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
It was less than a month ago, where we found buried deep inside a stack of 54 different exhibits in a legal filing inside a single page, really big moose news that somebody inside the government was trying to raise. The alarm was trying to blow the whistle about something going wrong with the way the IRS was handling. President Trump’s taxes and the IRS is audit of the press taxes. Now there was no press conference about this. There was no hearing. There was no public Ruckus at all. It was just the unheralded release in a court filing of this letter, letting the treasury Department know that some federal he had come forward and sent an unsolicited communication to the Ways and Means Committee in Congress. Setting forth with the committee called credible allegations of evidence of possible misconduct, specifically potential inappropriate efforts, influence the audit of the president’s taxes that was less than a month ago, through court filings that Trace back to this very quiet, very low-key Committee in Congress. Credible allegations have come forward from inside the government that there have been inappropriate efforts to influence a handling of the president and his audit, the IRS. It is folly to play the imagine if it was President Obama game butt forward with evidence about somebody interfering in the handling of President Obama’s taxes and the auditing of President Obama’s taxes right. The committee whistleblower says literally, would cancel three consecutive shows on the Fox News channel to make for a nightly new three-hour-long Primetime show on Fox Obama, taxes, whistleblower gate release the evidence, that’s what they call the show, and it would run for 3 hours every night and It would have call ins when they re-ran it over in the overnight hour. I mean it would be everything in our world when this, in fact, but it’s president, it’s just like between now and less than a month ago, when we first learned about that one. So we did less than a month ago get a whistleblower Claim about the handling of President Trump’s taxes, and we still don’t know what that claim looks right, but now indeed, we’ve got another one. Another reporting whistleblower claim from inside the government, and this one is, if anything, more ominous and more worrying than what we talked last month from the intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff, this time it’s somebody within the office of the Director of National Intelligence, somebody within the intelligence Community or statement to the Inspector General for the intelligence Community Inspector General review this whistleblower complaint and found it credible, also found it to be a matter of urgent concern so whistle detective Lanes of human communication. So they can Surface their concerns if they see something going wrong inside government that people want to know about. So in this case, this is a whistle-blower in the intelligence Community. This person is supposed to take the Whistleblower complaint Inspector General of the intelligence Community. Once this person tells the inspector-general that his or her complaint is, that is supposed to set in motion a very specific series of things that nobody supposed to the protects whistleblowers right in this instance. What’S supposed to happen is that the inspector General upon receiving a complaint assessing it to be credible supposed to send the complaint to the head of the relevant agency in this case to the Director of National Intelligence supposed to ig did his or her part right. Then the next thing that’s supposed to happen is that that claim from The Whistleblower it’s supposed to be sent within 7 days from the Director of National Intelligence to the committee’s the relevant committees in Congress. So, in this case, the Director of National Intelligence was supposed to send that urgent, credible complaint to intelligence committee, headed by congressman Adam Schiff in the house, only got seven days to do it and you don’t have a choice in the matter and that’s the part that Just isn’t happening the acting Director of National Intelligence., This whistleblower complaint from the inspector-general, it’s labeled urgent. Instead of sending the thing on to the intelligence committee, which the law says, they must do, and they must open 7 days instead consulted with the justice department about what they should do with this whistleblower complaint, they then sent out a letter saying no we’re not giving It to you telling chairmanship that the complaint wasn’t going to his committee. It wasn’t going anywhere because, in the view of the Director of National Intelligence, this complaint is about a person who is outside the intelligence community, and it involves matters that are glitched. Well. Do the math right the only person who’s really in the chain of command for the intelligence Community, who is in the intelligence Community is the president and it’s not clear who matters of privilege? Why do here except the president, so it kind of seems like this is maybe a complaint about the president that the Director of National Intelligence is holding and not allowing to be released as he is required to do so under law sums it up quote the committee: Can only conclude, based upon this remarkable Confluence of factors, that the serious misconduct at issue involves the president of the United States and or other senior White House or Administration officials. Somebody is going forward inside the government we’ve learned in the past month. Somebody has come forward inside the government to say, hey, there’s an improper efforts to influence the handling of the president’s tax returns top of that whistleblowers complaint. Someone has also know come forward from inside the government to say that he or she has evidence of serious misconduct, and the intelligence committee believes that it must be an allegation about the president or another senior Trump administration of fish, and that complaint is just being stupid. By the newly appointed acting Director of National Intelligence, but at least in that case, the acting Director of National Intelligence, the Handover that complaint in unredacted form tomorrow by tomorrow and if he isn’t willing to hand it over by tomorrow, you should be prepared to testify open Hearing two days later, on Thursday of this week, so what’s the space as they say, we won’t be canceling. All programming can running a 3-hour special on this every night until it’s resolved, but it’s not like the will, isn’t there. I would do it MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you. 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Rachel Maddow reports on the existence of a whistleblower in the intelligence community, brought to light by Rep. Adam Schiff. The whistleblower was deemed credible and urgent by the inspector general, and the House Intelligence committee, by law, should receive the report. Instead acting-DNI Joseph Maguire is making excuses to withhold it. Aired on 09/16/19.
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Acting-DNI Joseph Maguire Defies Law To Hold Whistleblower Report | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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