Active shooting in West Texas, authorities search for suspects: Report

Active shooting in West Texas, authorities search for suspects: Report
Active shooting in West Texas, authorities search for suspects: Report
I want to take you back to that breaking news reports of an active shooter in the midland-odessa Texas area. There are reports of multiple people injured and is possibly as many as two suspects at large in two separate vehicles. Don’T even now on the phone. former assistant director of the FBI, to talk about what we are learning so far, a details are in a we’ve, only got a few of them right now, Danny tell us what your thoughts are right now, we’re hearing two people and Possibly two separate vehicle driving around shooting at people as law enforcement trying to get a handle on this. What are your thoughts park? Your car go some place, listen to Fox News on Sirius XM on satellite radio in their vehicles. We hope the people are listening now, as they may be driving around in this Odessa Midland area. We do. We did get an update here from the Midland Police Department. I’M saying that again to Shooters to separate vehicles, one suspect believed to be in Midland and the other believed to be driving on Loop 250 in Midland the two vehicles in question of gold white, small Toyota truck and a USPS Postal. I’M not asking people to stay away from these areas stay indoors. You know we’re monitoring social media are. There are some reports? That. Postal van may have been hijacked that we just don’t have that confirmed. Yet what we’re working on getting those details got the news that this is happening and people to stay away, but you can imagine driving in this area hearing stay away from the road and knowing that somebody out there is pointing a gun out of window. Perhaps you know what, where do people go when you hear something like this fell off those roads get away from that area, County City officers who are Pacific, multiple shootings and they’re. Both situation situation may have also taken place at a Home Depot in Odessa. So there’s a couple of days things going on, we don’t know if they are related, but that is also coming to us from the Midland Police Department. As the former deputy assistant director of the FBI. What would you be telling your team’s right now who you sending out and what would the plan of attack be? The situation becomes Lockett on the radio lockdown situation play out time and time again, especially when it comes to possibly happening inside of a large store, like the ones we’ve seen in the past, and it is so scary when you think of this happening inside a store. Possibly in a parking lot on the roads to Vail Mike Emanuel is with me here at the anchor desk as well. I know you know the area where the two communities are about 20 miles apart. They are connected by Interstate 20, and so, if indeed the shooters have attacked in both cities, it’s not very hard to get from to the other and sell you may be having Midland, Police and or Odessa Police warning, their communities realizing their next door to the other And it’s pretty easy with Interstate 20 there to get back and forth in between Danny your thoughts terms of what next steps to locals can do there on the scene and end end and making sure what’s real and what maybe rumor in terms of people independent calling Things in the Midland Sheriff Department, when you got the Odessa, Police and the Ector County Sheriff’s department, so I variety of law enforcement agencies that are are hopefully quite used to working with one another and Laura put on their Facebook post. I trying to get the word out as we’re talking about you know, radio traffic trying to get the word out to anybody that they can here’s what it reads a subject. Possibly two is currently driving around Odessa shooting at random people. This time there are multiple gunshot victim, the suspect, just hijacked, a u.s. mail carrier truck and was last seen in the area of 38th and walnut. Everyone is encouraged to get off the road and use Extreme Caution. All law enforcement is currently searching for the suspect, so that is just going out on the Odessa Police. Facebook page you’ve got I’m sure news, radio going wild with this, letting people know we’re doing our best to communicate this as well. So you’ve got blonde the road people in stores trying to protect themselves their family members during a Home Depot on a Saturday afternoon, the last weekend of Summer before Labor Day, and you know trying to protect your family. It is a terrifying situation. People are being faced with right now and again, multiple people have been shot. We don’t have a number that we can confirm to you right now, but that number does appear to be growing so Danny. When you hear this, what more do you have to say about what the that the police department has put out on Facebook directions? Are there doing exactly right? Are gold white, small Toyota truck and again that USPS Postal van that then apparently the driver that was hijacked or if they somehow got away with that postal van? So we’re looking at two different vehicles with people shooting at random people up and down these roads and and possibly at this Home Depot in Odessa, so you’ve got people looking out for two vehicles. You’Ve got I’m sure, law enforcement moving throughout this interstate that you know very well Mike no question about it and I know law enforcement. There is really top-notch so I’m sure they are all over the situation, with reports of attacks in both perhaps Midland and Odessa complicated situation. But I imagine these scanner traffic is probably going wild there in West Texas right now, just before 5 local time as they try to track down two suspects: two different Vehicles, a Toyota, pickup truck and a United States, Postal Service Van vehicle, and so obviously a very Disturbing situation on the ground there in the midland-odessa area, West Texas, known as the Permian Basin, so thoughts and prayers to the folks there at. I hope that law enforcement can get these guys wherever they are as quickly as possible, with as limited Bloodshed as possible. Please stay away from this area stay inside of your home’s. They promised to update us with more information as soon as possible, but again we’re looking at the Odessa Police. A Facebook page right now will put that back up repeating a subject: we2 currently driving around Odessa. Shooting at random people at this time, multiple gunshot victims, of course we’re as we monitor social media. Those numbers are kind of going all over the place, but we don’t want to say anything until we know police just how many people have been struck. But we’ve got the police telling us that multiple people have been hit in this area. So if you are in that area, you are encouraged to get inside your homes, you know keep the doors locked and what law enforcement of saying right now in terms of this area. On my, I don’t know how much residential area is at 38th and walnut I mean that’s pretty pinpointed area misspeak, but you know with Interstate 20. Their these communities are very closely connected, and so they may have a situation where suspect vehicles are going back and forth between Midland and Odessa, so certainly an alarming situation for folks they are in West Texas and we hope it law enforcement able to stop whatever is Going on at this hour, just before 5 local time, they’re in West Texas, on bring this to a resolution swiftly enjoying by Danny Coulson former deputy assistant director of the FBI. We want to thank you for your time today and helping us to navigate these last few minutes. Absolutely
Police are searching for suspects in connection with the shootings in Midland and Odessa, Texas.

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