Adam Putnam: I’m focused on Florida issues and challenges

bringing her in the Republican primary thank you for joining us this morning well we are glad to have the president in Florida he certainly hear an awful lot with his second home here and I love the fact that he was in Florida to highlight vocational education something that is the highest priority of my campaign something that I’ve put out a very specific plan on how we put vocational and Technical Training back into our middle schools back into our high schools and stop treating are vortex in our community colleges like second-class citizens why has he thrown his support behind the Santas and not you well I do support president Trump’s agenda and and I’m not surprised Congressman DeSantis a certainly very comfortable with the ways of Washington but I’m Focus on Florida I have the support of nearly 50 Florida sheriff’s our attorney general Pam Bondi I’m focused on Florida issues in Florida challenges if we’re going to make America great again we have to make sure that our third largest state is doing our part under Rick Scott we just had an exceptional economy I have a plan to make it even stronger and there’s no doubt in my mind there an awful lot of the people at the Trump rally last night we’re Trump Putnam voters DeSantis claim to be closely aligned with the president on his policies and his strategy where do you differ the most with with Ron DeSantis well I think it’s a difference between a Washington Focus Florida Focus I know Florida best and I have a plan a specific agenda to put Florida Families First Florida jobs first in Florida’s Public Safety First if a hurricane is threatening to make landfall in chokoloskee you need a governor who doesn’t need to find them I have to discover where that little town is I am the candidate for governor who has a vision a plan and a knowledge of Florida to be able to implement a conservative pro-business agenda to make our stay even stronger and even better than it all 3038 39% to you 27.8% that is more than a 10-point lead at the moment what from what we did see before the president threw his support behind DeSantis you had been leading in the polls before that happened in before that Fox News debate down there so what is this say about President Trump’s employee any directions well it certainly says that that the president is well-liked in the State of Florida but I also know that Floridians are going to make up their own minds about who Florida’s governor should be look we don’t want to import Washington dysfunction into the State of Florida the the fact that that they’re just not able to roll up their sleeves and solve the many problems here in Florida where a model for the nation we taking our unemployment rate from double-digits to under 4% in the lab 7/2 years we’ve cut taxes and balanced our budget every single year and we cut our debt rather than lifting the debt ceiling like they’ve done in Washington so I’m focused on putting Florida first and that’s a very different approach I think than what we’re King in the other candidates who are running for governor here in Florida I did not yesterday and there was a lot of anticipation to see how president would handle that knowing that you’re a big supporter of his didn’t say anything negative about you while he was there getting that second Supreme Court Justice on our court continuing to fight hard for American workers and Florida Farmers when it comes to these trade renegotiations but he also knows I believe that that we need strong States pulling their share of the load and that’s what we’ve seen here with Governor Rick Scott that’s what we’ve seen here with attorney general Pam Bondi and that’s what my campaign is rooted in which is making sure that Florida is doing the best job that Florida can do frankly in spite of some of the dysfunction that goes on and why thousand new people are moving here every single day cuz they know that we roll out the red carpet for small businesses my campaign is all about our veterans are small businesses and making sure that we put Career and Technical education back into our schools we had a run to Santa’s on the program yesterday great to have you Adam Putnam on the program this morning and by the way thank you thank you Sam
Florida Agriculture Commissioner says he is the gubernatorial candidate who can implement a conservative pro-business agenda.

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