Adam Silver and James Murren questioned on joint partnership – Daily Mail

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Adam Silver and James Murren questioned on joint partnership – Daily Mail
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Jim’s plans to sue the shooting victims in Las Vegas I don’t have pre-existing knowledge of their plans of course red you know in the media when that lawsuit took place and Gemini disgusted and I dealt with gym frankly the very day after the shootings took place last fall and I would just say I can’t imagine a company that could have responded in a in a more appropriate and heartfelt way and Jim did personally to those shootings at MGM from the moment of that night has tried to do its best to help the victims the employees to Trinity Hill the only action that we’ve taken recently is try to consolidate the cases that been brought forward and move them into federal court looking for monetary damages we’re not looking to harm buddy in a fact we would like to see all those affected compensated as soon as possible
With individual states already legalizing sports gambling, the NBA ventured into new territory on Tuesday, becoming the first U.S. sports league to finalize a business-to-business contract with a sportsbook provider. The NBA and WNBA will now share official, live data with MGM Resorts International, a major win for the leagues as they prepare for the anticipated growth of sports betting across the country. The Las Vegas-based casino giant will pay the NBA for that data to use in determining outcomes of various bets. The NBA’s stance has been that getting accurate stats to bettors is critical so players know what they’re betting on and so casinos will know when to pay out, and MGM Resorts is the first casino to make an arrangement with the league for those numbers. Whereas other sports books will continue to have access to the NBA’s updated statistics after the completion of games, MGM Resorts will be able to use the league’s real-time data for live betting – a new and growing revenue stream for casinos. MGM also gets the rights to NBA league and team logos, highlights, and can refer to itself as the league’s ‘official gaming partner.’ Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but the contract is believed to be worth $25 milllion over three years.

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