ADL chief on what’s driving a spike in hate incidents

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ADL chief on what’s driving a spike in hate incidents
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hello I’m Bill Sternberg editorial page editor and USA Today Our Guest is Jonathan Greenblatt CEO and National director of the Anti-Defamation League what trends are you seeing in anti-semitic incidents around the u.s. well the ATI we track anti-semitic attitudes and incidents as well as fighting hate of all kinds I can tell you in person at the picture and anti-Semitism is not good in 2017 we recorded a 57% increase an anti-semitic incidents that acts of harassment vandalism in violence directed at Jewish individuals or institutions that 57% increase was the largest single year Spike we’ve seen in nearly 40 Years of collecting this cremation and in particular or the drill down beside 89% increase of such acts on college and university campuses a 94% increase I’ve such acts at K through 12 schools so the data is pretty alarming on both sides you see an increased deleting into extremism you also seem number to extreme is literally enter the public conversation ways we haven’t seen before we’ve got nearly a dozen candidates run for elected office this cycle or either white supremacist or tied to extremist we should always and we’ve seen white supremacist try to penetrate college campuses in the last Academic Year we had a 77% pink and white supremacist activity at universities and colleges across the country so we’re coming up on the one-year anniversary of the deadly protests in Charlottesville to University of Virginia groups that protested they are have sought permits to protest again on the anniversary including in Lafayette Park across from the white house so I should those permits be granted we’re Pierce advocates for the First Amendment and you’re allowed to say hateful things even when it hurts so we need we think protesters have the right to express their opinion it’s protected again in our constitution counter-protesters also have rights too as long as individuals don’t resort to violence as long as they don’t try to incite harm against others that have the right to express themselves think elected officials can use their own bully pulpits to express a message of Tolerance and plural I think that’s a responsibility whether you’re a sort of a city manager if you will or your Governor or the present United States we hope that all figures of authority black responsibly So speaking of famously said they were very fine people on both sides of those protest do you think it has anything to do with the spike you were talking about earlier well look number one I don’t think of any fine people among the neo-nazis and the white supremacist . end of story and I wish the president said that more clearly and more forcefully in the way that other elected officials from the Republican party and the Democratic party Governors mayor’s people in Congress they all said that equivocal now after president Trump nominated judge Cavanaugh to be on the Supreme Court the ADL came out very quickly and very forceful with a statement that didn’t necessarily opposed him but was quite critical and raised a lot of CERN is there any evidence that judge Cavanaugh is either anti-semetic or bigoted absolutely not so I have great respect for judge Cavanaugh his Decades of public service and the work that he’s done on the both India decorative branch and in the judicial branch we should all praise him for that commitment to the country and I have no reason to believe it into the medical bigoted I would say is an organization that cares deeply about issues of discrimination issues of church issues about the rights of immigrants we have some concerns based on previous decisions that has rendered or statement that he’s made and there’s been that discussion about Facebook and whether they should allow postings by Holocaust deniers you mr. Zuckerberg has said that they should not be the speech police her the truth police and that the answer to offense of speech is more speech is he right well so it’s complicated and not complicated first of all it’s not calm Holocaust denialism is hate speech it’s the original fake news but unlike some other kinds of sort of modern Fiction’s this one is designed with the intent to harm Jewish people into under their narrative it’s a pernicious in particular form of anti-Semitism need to be recognized that I want to say it’s complicated Facebook has 2.1 billion people are billion users on their platform they ask me something like 80 leaving messages moving across their various products every single day so I wouldn’t underestimate the complexity and the challenge of trying to manage in Porterville Police dialogue and conversations and individual post images and sounds and words on a platform of such size that being said they need to enforce their Community standards Holocaust denial is and what appeared to be a violation of their own Community standards that’s why we think we believe strongly they need to take more decisive and deliberate action to shut it down when it happens if they feel for some reason like it needs to be tolerated to have responsibility and accountability to their own users do they understand that this information is not a real cat there’s no real debate about the Holocaust it’s hate speech flaring plain and simple and they need to call it out as such
Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO and national director of the Anti-Defamation League, on approaching anniversary of Charlottesville protests and group’s concerns about nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court.

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