AFCON 2019: Algeria and Tunisia reach place in semi-finals

AFCON 2019: Algeria and Tunisia reach place in semi-finals
AFCON 2019: Algeria and Tunisia reach place in semi-finals
Thanks for staying with us on Africa with me to get the most out of its own resources to pull comps in Ghana’s president during his trip to Paris on Thursday, also suspected facial levels of smoking, one of them against the South African State and Gio’s authorities of Violating at people’s constitutional environmental rights, it defeat my records for place in the semi-finals. The desert foxes on now shoot for a showdown with Nigeria. This weekend inference statement in France were gathered in the Elysee Palace during 2 hours. Some of them were able to ask questions of the presidents have gone on France, Nana akufo-addo said Africa had to be more self-reliant and he encouraged the diaspora to return to Africa. All black people in the world is bound up with Africa and that performing Africa elevates the status of all black people around the world. Africa continues the black people around the world I looked at. Instead, he wants France to help fund universities on the continent. I think that if we don’t change the way we look is Africa. France will never be at peace with itself, because France has a bit of Africa inside it and it’s hot. So we must find a new equilibrium. People with this debate, McQueen, say once again with the show that concert Lake, the name given to the monkey relationship Harris used to have it African States, and especially its former colonies, is over and by inviting the Ghanaian president. It demonstrates that, unlike many of his predecessors, he’s not only interested in French speaking countries, Islamic movement of Nigeria size that two of its members was shot dead. Police claimed that they use minimum force on Tuesday at Nigeria’s National Assembly. Led TV suspension in Abuja authorities of prosecution has been calling for the release of the leader. Sheikh Ibrahim zakzaky has been in custody since 2015. He was held without charge until 20 rights groups. A. Security forces have killed around 400 IM and protest has since then accusing it violating people’s constitutional right to a healthy environment of the case is one of the most polluted areas in the world. South Africa. The deaths of hundreds of vocals. sister since medical oxygen is too expensive. Her mother filled with only one solution used to move my way. A few streets away. Leafa suffers from the same symptoms he’s breathing problems began when he moved to the High Falls Region 2 hours outside of Johannesburg. Sometimes I feel like I’m really going to die sped in the world. According to environmental groups, between 300 and 650 people die each year from a spiritual diseases linked to pollution. Everything get to Milbank or around. I felt like getting sick cause of respiratory illnesses integral 97 when they leave this area. Electricity company teeth people’s right to a healthy environment. They are violating that the truth is already cleaner than it was a few years ago, but that method, real Improvement will take time. Sadly, for many patients it may be too late to avoid the deadly effects of pollution. Well, it’s a cheetah play Senegal on Sunday in the semi-final of the Africa Cup of Nations off the beach in Madagascar, 3 nail in Cairo now. better than anyone expected, but they said they haven’t, ruled that support is down. I mean come in as last time. Stacked against them has surged on Woods full matches in the Africa Cup of Nations that progress so far has spots that they’ve won the hearts of kings of France, despite the loss on Thursday everywhere. The same Echo, Africa Cup of Nations by receive, is taking over the capital of his eight-year-old son, made it to our bus trip for just one thing: to buy a very a t-shirt, but the three-year-old pet chases and luxury three children. But it’s just 125 Euros a month, even if I don’t have money, even if I haven’t received my salary, I do it to make my son happy. I didn’t fight such expensive things everyday, it’s a unique moment. It’S like a celebration for us! That’S why we voted 8th Street workshop with black earrings boot from a Chinese wholesaler and body printed photos of barrier players she’s only 18 year olds a day twice as much as I love the bread I can get a four-wheel drive in the team’s charity barrier can 2019 land big deal with banks and mobile phone companies founder of a fast food chain, and thanks for the image reproduction rights of the squad, it’s a way to support Charities and has been successful communication operation. This burger that sells well, it’s kind of crazy. At the moment, people go out to have fun and it suddenly good for the economy and I’m out of gas anymore Africa Cup of Nations is here to stay, call Jerry when I’ll face Showdown with Nigeria. The game with supporters hit in Paris in The Institute for the Arab world, while there was a giant screen or free events and hundreds of supporters of the Algerian team gathered, they have to wait until the penalty shootout to see that RIT team win in his quarterfinal. At the Africa Cup of nation, Algeria wins against the Ivory Coast and the supporters of these so-called desert foxes. A very, very happy, take a listen. We we have very good game and I think we have all our chances in this competition, so we can do it. We can win, it call John also the pliers and what we saw today. Good gaming TV missed the penalty, and then we missed a lot of chance and look and today is not going to be all day but and nothing is impossible for auditoriums
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In tonight’s edition : Algeria and Tunisia win place in semi-finals in the Africa Cup of nations.
French President Macron hosts Ghana president Afuko-Addo for his African Diaspora Summit. Afuko_Addo says Africa has got to shift its relationship with Europe if the continent is to get the most out of its own resources

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