Afghanistan: Was Trump pressured out of the talks with Taliban?

Afghanistan: Was Trump pressured out of the talks with Taliban?
Afghanistan: Was Trump pressured out of the talks with Taliban?
Broccoli counseling talk to the Taliban. Camp David over the weekend. The US President, Donald Trump says, negotiations with the insertion group are dead that that that that far as I’m concerned that that they thought that they had to kill people in order to put themselves in a little better negotiating position when they did that they killed 12 People, what happened to be a great American Soldier, wonderful young man from Puerto Rico, families from Puerto Rico, and you can’t do that. Can’T do that with me. So did that as far as I’m concerned and we’ve hit the Taliban harder in the last 4 days and they’ve been hitting over 10 years so the way it is Donald Trump speaking than a full moon, this story we can bring in wassim nasr our expert on A Jihadi movement afternoon can soldier at the hands of the Taliban being used as a negotiating with the group from his administration’s from he got letters from several diplomats saying that the terms of those negotiations are quite right. We know that secretary Pompeo have a disagreement weatherwood because they are saying that it’s premature to talk about retreating, American troops as something before the conclusion of pizza, some of the pieces receipt of the American soldiers because of this situation of President Trump. But as you know, they never stopped the fight on and on and on, and I guess that today, the death of this American soldiers was the Tipping Point where he couldn’t stand and keep on on this line of negotiation Against All Odds Against The and his own. Diplomat historic for the Taliban because finding fit and fighting could give a good outcome, many things because they sent delegations for Central Asia litigation in Guantanamo it just so. You can get away out. Soldiers won’t stay in Afghanistan why the big part of the troops will retrieve, but nothing is confirmed yet we had also hints which they are really fighting now, but not for the same reasons. I didn’t imagine tell me the time today they will drop even the name. Never accepted to negotiate with Kabul likeable condos many province capitals because Daisy, the central government is the United States Stanley’s Northeast far from being a safe country country. Some are even saying that today the control of the Taliban is wider than in mm and mm. Do I still love I still had to because he was killed on the 9/11 Trump for inviting a few hours before a few days before the combination of clean out and 66 under the control of Calumet, so most of the country is either contested today for Santa Accepted especially that we know today, also. with the force of the government. Today they have the fighting between the Taliban.
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Many Afghans cautiously welcomed the US president’s decision to call off negotiations that lacked transparency, did not include their democratically elected government, and was turbocharged to meet unrealistic international troop withdrawal timelines ahead of the 2020 US presidential election.

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