Air Force: President Donald Trump’s Money Grab Is A Risk To National Security | All In | MSNBC

Air Force: President Donald Trump’s Money Grab Is A Risk To National Security | All In | MSNBC
Air Force: President Donald Trump’s Money Grab Is A Risk To National Security | All In | MSNBC
Do electronic? What do you like me or not? It makes no difference because our country will go to hell if any of these people get in it’ll go to hell, whoever they put in the saner, they are, the worst are doing and whoever they put in it looks like it’s going to be a revolution to The left they going to take you money taking to take and very much hurt your family’s. I just don’t think people can allow that to happen, appears to be resorting in an infant to Desperate Measures to fill a campaign promise that he made in 2016 from earlier. This month, at Trump planned on diverting money from the Pentagon to pay for his beloved wall on the southern border. We now know, thanks for Blockbuster report from NBC news, that his plan was to pay for the precious wall by quote, taking funds from more than four dozen Air Force military construction project, posing various National for the US Armed Forces. According to reports by the Air Force. One of Those cutbacks include security improvements to a base in turkey. That house has thousands of American Airmen penetrations in the midst of contingency operations, and an increased terrorist threat drive me to explain what was on the list to be cut and what were the National Security threats on the decorated. So this was particular is just the Air Force. Projects is actually 127 total projects across the military, but today is just the Air Force Ones. Do you want to see the one that really stuck out to me? These are all funds that have been obligated. Military construction projects have been unobligated, so they were supposed to begin sometime in the near future, but had not yet begun, so they were because legally then the Pentagon was able to reallocate them and then of course, President Trump under the national security or the National Emergency. Something by standing on a towel to the border, so the one that really stuck out to me were the incirlik Base, main gate, which fashion in the lead in. Of course, this is like. We just had an increase in National Security concerns ever since the US has been involved in the war in Syria and the continued involvement in Iraq, but not just that. There’S some here in the United States a boiler it was, is it according to the Air Force. It’S going to fail, its failure is imminent will once this boiler goes Its -65 degrees in Alaska in the winter the entire base will need to be weighted. Then there were a number of bases in Europe as part of this European Defense Initiative. This is something that the US can put together. It’S supposed to deter Russian aggression throughout Europe with this Ford military presence there without these military construction projects, and now the money is being sent to the wall. The US military cannot base at many of these locations and was there any consultation, I guess between the White House and the Pentagon to talk through the necessity of some of these projects and at least allow the Pentagon to say wait a minute. These are important security. Don’T don’t take the money away to the officials? I spoke with both who’s been involved in this process, and people at the Pentagon said that each of the services was told, give us a list of your unobligated projects and then the Pentagon, Pentagon, DOD and the White House took those lists and selected the ones that Were but they took them anyway from and is there what is going to be reported on what the response is going to, because a lot of these are in some states are Republicans, don’t have to go home and answer for the Republican Senators up for re-election? What’S still unclear is, what’s going to happen, will these projects be funded in the near future? A big part of that is going to be the National Defense authorization act, ndaa, which is going into Conference next week. There are some on the hill who are in favor of back telling these so essentially immediately replacing this money in a matter of about a year. But then there are some were saying: no we’re not going to be back till the money, it’s possible. They could be delayed foreseeable future because there’s no money that’s automatically being obligated tomorrow, and that is a national-security concerned just to build putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos.
NBC News correspondent Courtney Kube details Trump’s plan to pay for the border wall with money taken from the Air Force.
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Air Force: President Donald Trump’s Money Grab Is A Risk To National Security | All In | MSNBC

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