Airbnb suspends host, doesn’t tell his booked guests

Airbnb suspends host, doesn’t tell his booked guests
Airbnb suspends host, doesn’t tell his booked guests
Cbc investigation is Raising further questions about just how Airbnb guests are for a couple of months ago, Airbnb Frozen account of one of its top Canadian conditions, but people who book before the suspension were never notified in studio with me this morning has been investigating. We’Ve been hearing from a lot of people very interested in your story this morning that they so tell us more about these. I’M walking here you remember the spring. We wanted to find airbnb’s biggest players in Canada. We didn’t think much of it. He was a super-host. He had a lot of really good reviews, but it appears dead that now went sideways. His rentals are now into disarray. We are hearing from a growing number of clients who have had really bad experiences. We’Re talkin about dirty properties. Unsafe properties were talking about clients who show up at the door and message him and never hear from him there so they’re in a new city selected on AJ’s profile page. The issue is Airbnb decided to block him from taking further listings, but they did not tell everyone who had pending bookings with him and we’re at a hydrostatic season. So we’re talking about a lot Prince of people and many stays never been told about it. So, okay, so they just didn’t know and they proceeded and just had some nightmare scenarios as we’ve been broadcasting this morning, as you say, focus on Montreal High tourist season, Montreal’s a big tourist Community. What’S a response, there will focus on Montreal. So we took this to the Montreal mayor. We showed her pictures from D’s dirty properties. We showed her the bad reviews, strong reaction. She was very angry. She says it’s more than time for Air B & B to step up his game, especially when it comes to monitoring potentially problematic house like this one, maybe with your family, about yourself, traveling, you get here, you’re, looking for your fantastic place to stay and then or Doesn’T exist or it’s not even clean, and so it does have an impact until the Montreal mayors, dentist does have an impact on the reputation of the city, because the least her is Canis can expect when they show up in a new places to have a roof Over their head and just stay in a minute, he’s that are clean in Quebec come into effect in the next few weeks might help with that AJ and others like him, would have to formally registered as turistic operators, and they would have to deal with the accountability That comes with that I just before I let you go, we should probably and make it clear you did Airbnb. What do they say about? It is for your story. Will Airbnb says that it monitors vote, reviews and hosts and guests, and they were also saying that they they will refund everyone? Who has we have to mention to that? They did shut down the account book, AJ’s accounts and all the duplicate accounts that have popped up after he was forbidden from taking new listings DJ story. But, as we’ve been hearing from you all morning, there are many Airbnb horror stories. Try to reach the house to finalize things, no reply, so she contacted corporate offices and three days later, finally got back to her to say the hosts and decided to cancel wasn’t convenient to rent at that time now she wonders what might have happened if she, no Doubt she would have been stranded there about her terrible experience interview with Airbnb in Vancouver back in February. They really need to tighten up their policies, her estimation. In her letter she gives us the details. experiences. She was virtually unable to communicate with the listings host that she was locked out when she got there unable to contact the company, and she later noticed similar negative reviews that appeared after she had books similar circumstances to what some of the AJ booking it have been Emailed complain when an answer to those are just some of the stories we love to hear from you today and again. Here’S how you can, as always at CBC morning, live or morning live at One of our top stories this morning has been a CBC News. Investigation raising new questions about how well Airbnb protects its gas and it focuses on the growing number of complaints against the company. People who say they’ve been inconvenience left in the dark left in the Lurch, no choice but to stay and dirty homes that perhaps they would not have chosen that definitely did not come as advertised. We’Ve had a lot of responses from you and thank you for sharing your horror stories. Mario seems to be one that we should bring to your attention again. He has an Airbnb stay in Prague. Did you see any side-by-side pictures like what was advertised on the left? What Airbnb posted on the right the pictures of Mario took, he said the place was terrible and dirty, but he had nowhere else to stay, and so he had no choice this week, first experience with Airbnb most likely his last name again, thanks for your responses, we Don’T know exactly who was the host of that particular property, but what this most recent story has been focusing on, as they said: megahouse or super-host, as they’re known Spa Beckley for Airbnb. Some say that they have turned what was once mom and pop business model into what is a shotty Hotel like Enterprise? What does it mean for the industry for the customers? Let’S talk about this with sir David wachsmuth, who is the Canadian research Urban governance at McGill University? He has looked at Airbnb for years. He’S the man to talk to on this. So Professor wachsmuth thank you for coming in and talking to us today, so AJ. If you been watching your coverage this morning and talked about AJ with 90 properties, one of, if not the largest host in Canada until he was shut down – and you might think that’s a specific case B & B – hose have at least two properties. Nearly a quarter have at least five. How common are these Mega host the super host? So many of the huge commercial operators on Airbnb run many different accounts to kind of split up their listings, even though there’s just one company behind the whole Enterprise. So then, what kind of problem issue is about? Our research has found is that I’m small home chairs casual – you know you got a spare bedroom. We are away for the weekend has a very different actions that they take on the platform when you compare them with big commercial operators. If you just got, you really want to make sure it’s a nice listing that you get people coming they’re going to enjoy their time, because you’re going to be interacting with them big commercial operators. The thing they care about is getting as many bodies into beds as many nights of the year as possible, and so that means they’re going to cut, never cutting corners of going to make them more money and that’s exactly what we’re seeing. So they don’t care. What a nice review and customer service to get people talking about how nice their state was? They just want numbers? If you have us, you know 200 guests coming a year to your property, you can meet 200 guests. You know 200 nights, I’m a hand on the key, or you can set up an automated service, we’re paying. If you get the save all that money and earn a lot more prophetess results. Okay, certainly not limited to the city. Montreal’S got the the largest concentration of big Airbnb commercial operators of any of the big cities in Canada, but everywhere you look across the country you’re, going to see a very similar phenomenon, which is commercial operator things and a really focused on cutting costs and look after The bottom line under a different name: what is the company doing on this point, to protect customers Airbnb to be really aggressive and how it’s affecting customers here is like expecting the fox to be really aggressive and guarding the hen house Airbnb has the exact same incentives As AJ operator, because commercial operators are where are Beanie makes its money, so they have no interest in shutting these places down for good they’re, going to respond to PR situations. But they’re going to be very happy for all those listen to get right back on their platform as soon as possible, how they make their money, because, when our news crew got involved, of course, things changed and that there was talk of a refund and and again Shutting things down, what could the company be doing more effectively to protect its customer? Well, one thing we know is that overtime. The number of reviews that have been last on Airbnb has been declining and are suspected, as well as the Airbnb is prioritizing that those reviews a little bit last in terms of when they decide to show you a list if they really wanted to make sure that Customers were getting tricked into going to Shawty Arrangements. They would make sure that holster penalize pretty strongly for bad reviews and particularly if there any situations where there’s a kind of reading listing where the photos don’t match Airbnb if they wanted to, they could certainly penalize house more for those kinds of violations. It’S just a prank; they don’t want to a Triscuit all about home sharing and I kind of intimate experience between guest and host. I think this could be a real problem for big commercial caters to Ryan kind of cut rate hotels. Basically, so this is exactly how the business model is operating right now, given that reality, can you share some advice this morning? What are warning signs for people to say? Oh, I shouldn’t stay there and, conversely, this doesn’t fact look good and I’m going to give it a try reviews, because in all the cases that we’ve looked at listing has you know who has your review stay away from it and if it has a bunch of Reviews, if you read through them, you’ll get a pretty good sense of what’s actually happening in that apartment. Okay, can you share some great information? I think we’ll be talking again. I would imagine about this. Not a story. That’S going away appreciated professor! You can read more about this CBC News investigation on Airbnb, as we mentioned, it’s been centering on the super-host AJ, who was at the time one of if not the largest host in the country. It’S up on the front page of CBC News. CA, 4 Up full information. This is CBC News Network
Airbnb quietly shut down a top Canadian host amid scathing reviews, but hundreds of booked guests were not warned or given a chance to cancel. David Wachsmuth, Canadian Research Chair in urban governance at McGill University, says what started as home-sharing has turned into a hotel-like business.

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