Alex Salmond resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct – BBC News

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Alex Salmond resigns amid allegations of sexual misconduct – BBC News
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Alex salmond’s accessories SMP leader Nicola sturgeon had face two days of pressure to suspend mr. Simons from the SMP after sexual misconduct allegations emerged she had said that was no legal basis to do so but now mr. Simons is taking matters into his own hands in a statesman’s he said I did not come into politics to facilitate opposition attacks on the S&P and with Parliament returning next week I have tender my resignation to remove this line of opposition attack most of all I am conscious that if the party felt forced into suspending me it would cause substantial internal division Mr Simon continues to deny wrongdoing and says he intends to reapply for party membership in the future the former first Minister had already announced he was taking the government to used to lead to court over his handling of misconduct allegations but Nicola sturgeon has defended the process in a statement of our own the first Minister said complaints must be investigated without fear or favor regardless of the seniority of the person involved mr. Jen I did she is up search by mr. Simon’s resignation but that any legal processes must now be allowed to take that course going to Golden BBC News
Alex Salmond who led the Scottish National Party into government and was at the helm during the independence referendum has quit the party to fight sexual misconduct allegations. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she felt a huge sadness about the situation, but understood his decision. Mr Salmond denies the claims, which relate to his time in office.

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