Alien enthusiasts arrive in Nevada despite canceled Area 51 event

Alien enthusiasts arrive in Nevada despite canceled Area 51 event
Alien enthusiasts arrive in Nevada despite canceled Area 51 event
The Facebook viral the organizer of storm Area 51, officially counseling the event but alien and Susie us are still descending on the remote site. In Nevada, 4 people are already showing up from around the world likely to get a good look at a top secret. Us military installation also the desert, has a certain appeal, but they have to assume the fence of already moved. The aliens are some other classified location, obviously you’re not going to. Let us see the bodies or the spaceships. However, it just 1 % of 2 million show up at 20,000. This year’s video warns the environment is not friendly for humans. Here is no water. No amenities, I need vision of this location is a crime. This area is home to scorpions, rattlesnakes, Badgers tarantulas and is generally not an environment. Suited for human habitation is the three days a one-year jail sentence, provided they leave the country. We take this crime seriously, and people need to understand that we will not put up with this kind of nonsense, Jerome country and do not want to cause any trouble and lose all going a little bit out of hand. But I mean we learn from our mistakes and it’s good to be back here in a bit. Read itself is canceled. Three events are planned: a Bud Light concert in Vegas alien stock with 25 vendors and a soundstage expect several thousand visitors, camping in cars and RVs fields, and we do know what what to expect in the next few days but right now. This is the Calm before the storm and we’re loving it nearby alien Research Center gas stations on a single Highway directed a command center, we’re prepared for Mass casualties, if that were the case, we’re prepared for just a mass invasion of the Nevada National Security Site and We’Re even prepared for just a lone wolf event of a lone wolf getting around food sleep. This wouldn’t be a challenge, so this party could be a bust or blast in Los Angeles, win. Last night’s Fox News: employee, UFO to Dutch, no cell service,
Fox News William La Jeunesse reports from Area 51 where alien enthusiasts are still storming the secretive governmental area.

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