All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can’t Just Ignore Trump | MSNBC

All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can’t Just Ignore Trump | MSNBC
All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can’t Just Ignore Trump | MSNBC
Do work everybody get it together so, but I have to let me just say that there’s a lot of people, I’m looking at people who know from many different parts of my life were in this room, and I thank you all for coming. It’S really awesome. Tickly. The people seem like in the gardener here find into one Brazilian pieces and – and thank you all really it. It means alot, I’m like Escape really quickly after this and run away and go to rejoin my My Wife and Kids to get my week. Apologies in advance for the questions, questions hi, my name is Sidra. This is my mom about watching your show. The whole family watches it, and so I wonder why somebody who studies so much of what is going on. You present the news, a different perspectives, often times as heavy. What are the types of things that you do for yourself to make sure that you’re taking good care of yourself cuz, I would imagine being on the other side of it. It can be heaven really way down. That’S a very. I spend a lot of time with my bike, my family, might I have a Incredible family. My wife is amazing, an extraordinary human being that I was lucky enough to encounter when I was 19 years old. We’Ve been together 21 years and she is amazing and I honestly think without her I would be a really rough shape psychologically, to be honest, because the stress is intense, the job. So, basically, all my friends are friends. I’Ve had, since I was a kid or a teenager, I’m still really tight with people that I knew when I was a twelve-year-old kid at my high school 7th grade would like a rat tail from the Bronx who knew how to dance the Running Man and showed Everyone – and I think, that’s been really helpful. I try not to read the news on the weekends too much. I take Twitter off my. There are people that do much harder jobs and I do emotionally so you know, and I’m not in a pediatric, I’m very lucky to have and I’m extremely grateful for it. But but it is important in the Maelstrom of this new cycle in this in a world that we rent it to check out, sometimes just like, not at 8 p.m. but other time. You should definitely check out how about you they’re in the back, yes and the glasses. Yes, thank you. My name is Lonnie and I’m from Pennsylvania just outside of Philadelphia. My question is: you have raised in the past about not covering Trump every second of every day. You mentioned taking Twitter off your phone and I wonder how we communicate to the media at large that they should just stop covering him and make him disappear and literally said the same thing literally. You can’t make friends United States disappear, can’t understand the people find it tiresome, and the attention is some sort of you know super. Can I get that and I do think that, like we all have to make decisions about which ridiculous Swedish news were worthy or not? But you know this example, but like that’s the first United States and he’s not well like I’m serious, that’s not that behavior is not well.. If someone on my staff did that or a loved one or something did that behavior, you would say to them what is going on with you, you would you would, and that happens multiple. There is behavior that if it was concerned, you would say like what’s up? Are you like? Are you okay? Are you? Can I check in with you and so when the president, United States are doing that about something again as high States, as the information of where hurricane path is going? That is a core function of the United States. Government is core function of any government. It’S deep in the heart of what a government does as possible, which is provide. The common defense government has accurate information. Person runs at Government, doesn’t mess with that and I totally hear you like, I feel the same, but you know if we were in the world yeah you there. Yes night they’re there you got that got that young man right there, the glasses in the city. When I get home from class watching the news like one of the biggest parks in my life, so I really appreciate the format your show, and I imagine the world of Journalism is tough. So my question: for you, like there, a lot of people who like to know it don’t shoot the messenger. But how did you realize you know like they’re alive people say I hate to be the bearer of bad news? When did you realize know what I I want to be the bearer of bad news, you know I start doing. Journalism is my senior of college. I hadn’t done much of a non study time to feed her. I was a theater kid and I did see her. Yes are kids in the house and and then my senior year of college, I started doing journalism because it seemed to me like a way that I could leave school and continued learning for a living and then, like you, would pay me I’m supposed to meet paying Them to learn, and that seemed like a great hustle if you can make it work and it’s not easy to make it work. And I was, I was a writer for a very long time and sort of back weirdly back into television, which I never wanted to do. It’S it’s still sort of crazy to me that this is my church job. I’Ve been I’ve been hosting a television show on MSNBC now from 9/8 years, which is wild. Many points are much more than that, but yeah. I think what I like doing. What I like doing is learning things and then I like learning those things and then turning around and sharing that information that can be like a little Annoying in person like I got a lot of cakes that I share with the people in my life. My wife got blasters like I could yes, yes, but like I, but I like doing that. I, like learning things and I like, sharing that information. That’S a great joy of mine, and so this job lets me do that which you guys can check out of, and so bad news or good news like to me. What’S going on in figuring out, what’s going on and then being able to communicate, what’s going on? Is is kind of the joy of the work all right, I think we’re going to do more of these there’s been very, very positive feedback, and I want to thank you all both strangers and people have known for 36 years for coming tonight. Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
In this All In digital-only extra, Chris Hayes talks to the studio audience about how he stays sane in the crazy news cycle, and why, despite viewer complaints, the media has to cover President Trump.
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All In EXTRA: Chris Hayes On Why The Media Can’t Just Ignore Trump

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