All the Senate’s Men: Empowering Women Since 1991 | NYT Opinion

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All the Senate’s Men: Empowering Women Since 1991 | NYT Opinion
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in fact you never did ask you to have sex is one of those 98 men in the United States Senate I say we owe you a debt of gratitude four daughters I thought two of my daughter I just remember the young boy my mother telling me about what’s a good investigation our sensitivity at the hearing captured the nation solemnly swear in 1992 we are female representation from 2 to 6 never give up tree doctor Ford as if she were my daughter unless there’s something more no I’m not going to ruin judge cab now it’s life we’re going to plow right through it even found a way to avoid embarrassing in the female assistant to I asked these questions in a respectful and professional way today yes we Have No term limits
From Anita Hill to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, this video spotlights the Senate’s strides in gender sensitivity and female representation.

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